The popular NBC drama "This Is Us" was nominated for an Emmy Award for outstanding contemporary costumes for a series. More than three weeks later, the nomination was revoked after the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences made the initial announcement. There is a valid reason that the nomination in that particular category was revoked and another series was put in the slot.

'This Is Us' is out

According to The Hollywood Reporter, "This Is Us" nomination for an Emmy for outstanding contemporary costumes for a series was rescinded because enough footage was not shown for the required contemporary time period.

The Awards Committee became aware of it later that there is an Emmy rule that states at least 51 percent of an episode's costumes must be in a setting within the last 25 years to be eligible to be nominated. Because the setting on "This Is Us" usually showed a lot of flashbacks, the "Moonshadow" episode in question did not meet the percentage that was required.

Fans should not be too upset because after only one season, "This Is Us" received impressive nominations. The revocation was for only one category and did not affect the other 10 nominations, of which five of them were in major categories.

The show was nominated for Outstanding Drama Series. Four nominations went to regular actors in the series.

Chrissy Metz was nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress. Ron Cephas Jones was nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actor. Sterling K. Brown and Milo Ventimiglia both received a nomination for Outstanding Lead Actor.

Three people received nominations in the Outstanding Guest Actor category. It is surprising that Mandy Moore didn't receive a nomination.

However, the show was recognized for casting, costume and makeup categories. Moore had roles that changed her age throughout the series.

'House of Cards' is in

Because "This Is Us" is not being nominated in the Outstanding Contemporary Costumes category any longer, it left a slot open for Netflix's drama series "house of cards" to be on the ballot.

That brings the series total up to seven Emmy nominations.

The 2017 Emmy nominations were voted on from June 12-26. The nominations were revealed on July 13. Stephen Colbert will host the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony that will air on Sunday, September 17 on CBS. Season 2 of "This Is Us" premieres just 9 days later on Tuesday, September 26, 2017 on NBC.