Earlier this week, fans of Linkin Park and Chester Bennington were taken by surprise when the vocalist's memorial keepsakes were being sold on eBay.

According to TMZ, Chester's closest friends discovered the items posted online, which includes the singer's memorial program, wristband, lanyard, and pin. The said keepsakes were the same items given to the guests on Bennington's private funeral last week.

eBay instantly removed the post

The news outlet also revealed that Chester's family and friends were "horrified" about the post and immediately contacted eBay.

Apparently, they requested the online shopping company to have the items removed as soon as possible.

eBay responded to the request promptly and yanked Bennington's memorial keepsakes from their platform. However, before its removal, the post had already attracted potential buyers with bids reaching up to $50,000.

A representative from eBay reiterated to the news site that the company does not allow sales of items that "attempt to profit from tragedy." The company also revealed that they have "contacted and educated" the online seller, adding that they will not hesitate to take action if it happens again.

Who is the seller?

With Chester's memorial keepsakes posted up for sale, many were wondering who exactly did it.

Although the seller's identity was not disclosed publicly, sources believed that it was someone who worked with Linkin Park in production.

There were also claims that upon checking the seller's account history, it was revealed that the person had sold other Linkin Park merchandise before.

Chester's private funeral

It can be recalled that the Linkin Park frontman was laid to rest in a private funeral with his family and closest friends on July 29.

The intimate memorial was held at the South Coast Botanical Garden in Palos Verdes Estates, California.

According to reports, the ceremony was attended by over 500 guests, which includes Chester's bandmates from Linkin Park and Stone Temple Pilots. Other guests include musicians who have worked with the singer in the past.

Meanwhile, fans of Bennington organized over 300 public memorials worldwide.

The said events were also endorsed by Linkin Park. Aside from public memorials, there were also murals created in some places as a tribute to the singer.

Artist Jonas Never painted a massive painting of Chester on the side of Rock 'N Pies Pizza in Los Angeles.