"Wonder Woman" continues to feel the goodwill of moviegoers and fans alike both in the United States and abroad as the film is very likely to reach new heights this week in terms of earnings. Forbes reports "Wonder Woman" could pass $400 million in domestic box office receipts and $800 million worldwide.

But one detail in that same Forbes report had made fans of the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) raise concerns about the possibility that the Princess of Themyscira may appear as a villain in one of its future projects. According to the article, it is “expected” that "Wonder Woman" will reprise her role in the solo movie of “The Flash” titled Flashpoint.” The film is set to be released in 2020, the year after "Wonder Woman 2" is released.

A tyrannical and cruel Wonder Woman

Although there are no details yet as to the story arc of the planned DCEU “Flashpoint” movie, those familiar with DC Comics are very much aware that in that version, Atlantis, led by "Aquaman," was at war with Themyscira, led by the Amazons' princess.The war was not confined between the two kingdoms but spread to the entire world and eventually to a nuclear war.

The conflict between the two realms was caused by the affair between "Aquaman" and "Wonder Woman," which led to the killing of Mera, Aquaman’s wife, by the Princess of the Amazons. Apparently, Mera personally witnessed the affair and so she confronted Diana, who chopped off her head and sent it to Aquaman as a “gift.”

According to the Flashpoint storyline, “Wonder Woman” is a cruel tyrant, who without mercy, caused the death of millions of people.

During her battle with Aquaman, she led the Amazons in invading what remained of Europe after the King of Atlantis flooded it. If that was not enough, she even killed Steve Trevor by strangling him to death.

“Flashpoint” alternative universe

If you are not an avid DC comic reader, you may be forgiven for thinking that this could only happen in an alternative universe, which actually is correct.

What caused the "Flashpoint" alternative universe to transpire was the desire of Barry Allen or “The Flash” to change history and save the life of his mother. Allen had acquired the ability to travel back in time, which he did in order to prevent his mother from being killed.

But the consequences of his action resulted to an alternative universe that made villains of Aquaman and Wonder Woman.

The Flash eventually turned back in time to correct history and thus make the world as it was before his fateful action.

Storyline not yet final

Apart from the announcement of the “The Flash” solo movie and its release on 2020, there is no definite word yet whether the DC Comics Flashpoint storyline will be adapted into the film.

Let us just hope we will not see an adulterous, cruel, and tyrannical Diana of Themyscira. DCEU would be wise to avoid it as well.