Tamra Judge revealed on Monday that she had been diagnosed with melanoma. The Bravo reality star revealed that she had skin cancer again after having surgery back in January to remove some cancerous regions from her arm.

"The Real Housewives of Orange County" star posted a photo of her backside on Instagram on Sunday evening. The 49-year-old took a mirror selfie in a pair of denim shorts that she rolled up to reveal a small cancerous mole on the side of her butt. She wore a black t-shirt and wore a black trucker hat backward, Page Six reported.

Pulling out of her bodybuilding competition

Tamra, who turns 50 on September 2, told her fans that she had "worked hard" for her "booty" but she will no longer be competing in the bodybuilding competition she had planned on doing in November.

The mother and wife also said that she was not showing people the photo for "sympathy" but to show her fans what "melanoma looks like."

She reassured her followers that she would be "fine" because her "faith is strong" and her rear end wasn't "bad either."

"The Real Housewives of orange county" cast member admitted that she was "sad, worried, and pissed off" when she first found out about her skin cancer diagnosis but that she was happy they caught it early.

However, Tamra did say she doesn't know if her planned birthday vacation to Cabo was such a "good idea" now.

Her previous scare with skin cancer

Back in January, the Bravo housewife shared that she had undergone surgery to remove some cancerous legions from her arm.

Judge took to Instagram to post a photo of the stitches on her arm but let her fans know that she is ok.

Unfortunately, she will most likely have to have more surgery done to remove the new cancerous mole.

It's already been a difficult summer

Tamra has already had a dramatic summer and the news of her skin cancer cannot be helping make matters any better.

The Bravo star has been dealing with an extremely public battle with her 18-year-old daughter, Sidney Barney.

While Judge and her husband Eddie were renewing their wedding vows in Aruba earlier this August, her daughter with her ex-husband Simon Barney unleashed her wrath on Facebook. Sidney posted a lengthy rant expressing her frustrations, claiming that Tamra was a terrible mother.

"The Real Housewives of Orange County" star's daughter also claimed to have explicitly asked her mother not to talk about her on The Bravo reality series or to post photos of her on social media, both of which are requests she ignored.

Sidney later posted screenshots from text messages between her and Tamra, showing that she had promised her daughter that she would not post photos of her high school graduation on social media followed by a screenshot of the Instagram photos the reality star posted of the teenager.

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