Jenelle Evans has been dating David Eason for quite some time and they have a little baby girl, Ensley, together. Throughout the duration of "Teen Mom 2," Jenelle has revealed that she's very happy with David, even though they do have their fair share of ups and downs. On the show, the two have been spotted fighting and disagreeing, but they are very good at dealing with the drama, moving on, and not letting their arguments control everything.

It is clear that these two are very happy for one another and that's why they will soon tie the knot in a summer wedding.

It sounds like the wedding is coming up shortly, as Jenelle recently picked out her wedding dress. However, some "Teen Mom 2" fans still question whether David is truly being honest about who he is.

Why he’s wearing sunglasses inside

On the show, David is often seen wearing sunglasses inside and he also wears sunglasses and even hoodies when he's confronting Jenelle’s mother and even her ex-boyfriend, Nathan Griffith. Of course, it makes people wonder if he’s trying to intimidate somebody or perhaps even hide something. But Jenelle recently revealed that David wears sunglasses inside because of a certain insecurity.

As it turns out, Eason has vitiligo. Vitiligo is something that affects the skin, and his skin is not the same color everywhere.

When he's covering himself up and wearing sunglasses inside, he could be trying to hide the skin patches that are darker than the rest.

Jenelle previously revealed that David suffers from the skin disorder, and she's now revealing that it is actually a huge insecurity of his.

One can imagine that David doesn't want to talk about it or make it a big deal, so her ex-boyfriend could use it as ammo against him.

Could be used against him

David and Nathan have argued in public about who is the best father and it sounds like Nathan is the kind of person who would attack the skin disorder just to make himself feel better.

Perhaps wearing the sunglasses and the large hoodies is his way of covering up something that makes him feel less confident.

One can imagine that Jenelle Evans is giving him a boost of confidence, as they have been together for a long time and will soon get married. In addition, it sounds like they are are doing well overall, even though they cannot always agree on things.

It seems like Jenelle and David only argued when Jenelle was pregnant and after Ensley was born. It is an emotional time during late pregnancy and with the newborn so it is natural for couples to be more stressed out. But when comparing this relationship to some of her past relationships, it sounds like Jenelle and David are actually doing quite well.

They may be together for quite some time. Evans knows what it takes to make a marriage work, as her marriage to Courtland Rogers failed due to drugs and lies.

What do you think about Jenelle Evans speaking out about David's insecurities? Do you think he should be insecure about his skin?