Tamra Judge recently made headlines over her estranged relationship with her daughter Sidney. On "The Real Housewives of Orange County," Tamra decided to open up about the case and revealed that she had starred in a documentary and even spoken at a conference about the topic. Throughout the episode, Judge was labeled the victim as she blamed her ex-husband, Simon Barney, for the drama that had taken place over the past couple of years.

When Sidney learned what her mother was saying to the public about their relationship, she decided to speak out.

She used Facebook as a means of speaking out and she revealed that Tamra was actually the reason why she wasn’t speaking to her. She claimed that her father Simon had nothing to do with the estrangement.

Did she choose fame over her daughter?

Furthermore, she revealed that Tamra had constantly chosen the paycheck from Bravo over a relationship with her daughter and that she was disappointed in her mother for doing this. She also revealed that she wanted nothing to do with her mother because she kept portraying herself as the victim. Sidney explained that her father was the victim as he had done nothing but try to repair the relationship between Sidney and her mother.

Tamra didn't believe this and she decided to call Simon a manipulator, essentially revealing that her daughter couldn't have a thought of her own in this matter.

One can imagine that this was even more infuriating for Sidney.

Cease and desist letter possibly happening

According to a new report, Sidney may be considered Legal Action. She has asked her mother several times not to speak about their case, as Sidney is often betrayed as a young girl who can't think for himself. Her father is often portrayed as someone who doesn't care about other people's feelings.

Tamra herself has yet to take any responsibility in this matter, even though Sidney believes that she should take all of the blame and responsibility.

According to the report, Sidney is considering sending a Cease and Desist letter to her mother, so she can no longer talk about this matter on the show. Of course, she has indeed inspired others with her story, but her relationship with Sidney has suffered.

It sounds like she will have to choose what she wants to do; have a relationship with her daughter or continue to film the show and inspire others in a similar situation.

If Sidney does go ahead and file legal action against her mother, one can imagine that their relationship will be forever fractured in some way. While Judge still has high hopes that they will work things out, it sounds like there is a long road ahead.

Do you think Sidney should take legal action towards her mother to prevent her from discussing their personal matters on a hit reality show?