James Franco has made his mark as one of the premiere actors in the movie industry. Now, he hopes to showcase his skills in "The Vault" where he plays an old-fashioned bank manager. Franco takes on the role of Ed Maas, a bank manager who ends up dealing with a heist by two on-edge sisters out to help their brother pay off his debts. Leah Dillon (played by Francesca Eastwood, daughter of actor/ director Clint Eastwood) and Vee Dillon (portrayed by Taryn Manning of “Orange is the New Black”) play the warring Dillon sisters who band together for the sake of family.

The mess and the supernatural forces

The story revolves around Michael Dillon (Scott Haze) who finds himself in big trouble after burning down the warehouse of a notorious gangster. Though the family relationship is far from smooth, the siblings need to come up with an outrageous sum of money to save Michael’s life.

The immediate recourse the Dillons have in mind is to rob the town’s biggest bank, something that goes astray. Aside from the FBI getting involved, there is something about the basement vault that complicates the heist. Something supernatural is unraveled, forcing the Dillons to choose – face the FBI or the uncanny mysteries they have stumbled upon below the bank.

Bonds to be broken?

The Dillons each have their own story, unfortunately, something that hardly accounts for plain or traditional family ties. Leah is ex-military while Vee has served time in prison. Michael is obviously in the mix for high-risk business ties. Mixing them all together, it may all boil down to whether all three can work together and trust each other.

While the whole heist is meant to look out for their troubled brother, the FBI-unearthed secrets from the basement vault may alter all that.

Nothing new for Franco

Franco has been around, having had key roles in hit films like “Spider-Man," “Rise of the Planet of the Apes," and “Milk." In this action-thriller, he obviously hides something only bank personnel know about the basement vault.

Was all this done on purpose?

“The Vault” offers a twist fairly similar to “Don’t Breathe” though of a different genre. At some point in the climax of the film, it will be interesting to see how the Dillons get out of this in one piece. Betrayal and death are likely to happen. Directed by Dan Bush, “The Vault” is set to come out on Sept. 1 from FilmRise.

You can check out the trailer for the film below: