Tamra Judge may have been very vocal about vicki gunvalson's involvement in Brooks Ayers' cancer scandal a couple of years ago on "The Real Housewives of orange county," but she wasn't the one who started the accusations. Meghan King Edmonds was the one who started the discussions about Vicki possibly knowing more than she was telling the girls in relation to Brooks. Brooks claimed that he was sick with cancer and they did everything together. Meghan and the other ladies thought it was suspicious, as he didn't have straight forward answers about his illness.

The ladies started digging, and that's when he started feeling better. As they learned more and more about his lies, he was suddenly in remission. Perhaps he thought that a remission admission would Meghan's investigation, but it only made it worse. Whenever the topic of cancer is brought up on "The Real Housewives of Orange County," it sounds like some of the ladies are extremely skeptical.

Breast cancer prevention and skin surgery

On Monday's episode of "The Real Housewives of Orange County," new housewife Peggy Sulahian brought up the fact that she had her breasts removed because of a possible cancer scare. Apparently, her mother had died of breast cancer, and she wanted to take some preventative measures.

All of the ladies were skeptical of her story, especially since Vicki wanted to be her close friend.

But as it turns out, Tamra Judge also had mild cancer scare during the show's hiatus, and while watching Monday's episode of the show, Tamra noticed the mark on her arm. This reminded her of a few months prior where she had undergone surgery to remove it.

As it turns out, she had abnormal cells and she, therefore, chose to have the skin patch removed. In her Bravo blog, she opened up about reliving that time.

"Watching this episode I spot that ugly lump/scar on my right arm and it reminds me to tell you. Get your skin checked people! A couple of months before filming I had surgery to remove squamous cell skin cancer, it left an ugly scar...I have medical records to prove it.

Sorry, couldn't resist," Tamra points out in her blog.

Too many cancer stories?

Perhaps the reason why she never mentioned it during the hiatus is that there had already been so many stories about people supposedly having cancer. One can imagine that it is a touchy subject for the ladies in Orange County. Even though Tamra and Vicki Gunvalson used to be close friends, it doesn't sound like she has said anything about her friend's supposedly cancer scare. It sounds like Tamra doesn't want to hear from Vicki either.

What do you think about Tamra Judge's secret, where she underwent surgery to get some skin removed?