Raven Symone has recently come forward and stated that she wants nothing to do with the Bill Cosby trial. Rumors spread that Cosby sexually abused Symone when they co-starred together on "The Cosby Show." However, Raven released a photograph through social media and stated that Cosby did not sexually assault disproving the rumors. Cosby's trial for sexual assault is due to be rerun as the jury could not decide on the first run of the trial.

Symone wants to be left out of the Cosby trial

According to The Root, Raven Symone has been asked about how she feels now that Bill Cosby, a former co-star, is on trial for allegations of rape.

Rumors surfaced that Raven was sexually abused by Cosby when they co-starred on the show "The Cosby Show." Symone was only a child when she was acting on the show, and it was the stars introduction into the acting world.

Raven has recently taken to social media to answer the persistent questions people have been asking her about the trial. She posted a photograph of herself as a child on "The Cosby Show" and stated that the rumors that she was sexually abused are both false and disgusting. She stated that everyone she worked with at the time treated her extremely kindly and that she wanted nothing more to do with the Cosby trial.

Recently Raven has come forward and stated that she feels now that it would have been more beneficial to keep her opinions to herself.

However, with the rumors, there came the point where she simply could not remain silent anymore, and while people want to hear her bad mouth Cosby, Raven simply wanted her voice to be heard.

Cosby was first accused last year in 2015

According to People Magazine, Cosby was first accused of sexual assault back in December of 2015 when a woman by the name of Andrea Constand came forward and stated that Cosby had raped her.

The case went immediately to trial, and the jury was split on whether Cosby was innocent or guilty. As the jury was caught in a deadlock at the time and could not come to an agreement prosecutors, have stated that the trial will be re-run.

The 80-year-old man has had several more people step forward in the past few years claiming that he also sexually assault them.

According to Blavity, Bill Cosby denies that he ever did such a thing and is pleading innocent to the charges that are being filed against him. The rumors that he abused Symone first surfaced back in 2014 and Symone remained silent about the situation.

Raven has recently stated that she wants nothing to do with the Cosby trial and is hesitant to give her opinion about it because he was the man who gave her, her first ever job in acting. However, Raven has added that she wants to see people who deserve justice get served justice. Other than that the actor has remained mum about the trial.