If you haven’t seen the latest episode of “Game of Thrones,” — warning, spoilers ahead.

The Spoils of War” may be the shortest episode in “Game of Thrones” history (running for just 50 minutes), but there were no shortages of reunions, showdowns, and amazing scenes. In the fourth episode of “Game of Thrones,” Arya Stark has finally arrived in Winterfell. The three living Stark children (minus Jon) are reunited back home, and for a moment, everything was fine.

The reunion sequence began with Arya looking at Winterfell from a distance. Show creator D.B.

Weiss hoped the shot would stir some of the viewers’ emotions. Arya arrived at the gate and is blocked by the guards, believed to be someone impersonating as Sansa’s sister. She realized how much the place has changed, and she goes straight to the Winterfell crypts where she is reunited with Sansa.

Arya’s List

Sansa now knows about Arya’s Kill List. The sisters were talking about Joffrey’s death and how they wished it was them who killed him. Arya explained that Joffrey was at the top of the list of the people she’s going to kill. Her sister laughs, thinking of it as a joke like the Lannister soldiers Arya met in the “Dragonstone” episode.

Sansa always wanted to be the lady and Arya is more of a fighter.

Both of them have been through so much and has come out stronger than before. The sisters joined Bran at the Weirwood tree after Sansa explained Bran’s new Three-eyed Raven powers. Bran tells Arya that he saw her at the Crossroads and thought she was going to King’s Landing to kill Cersei – another name on her list. He also gave Arya the Valyrian Steel dagger that was given to him by Littlefinger earlier in the episode.

Arya vs. Brienne

The scene between Arya and Brienne was previously released by Sky Atlantic, before the release of the episode. Arya was dueling against Brienne for practice, and it turned into something more serious than a light spar. While Brienne is already known to be a great and skilled warrior, Arya dodged and blocked Brienne’s attacks.

Arya used a mixture of the different fighting techniques she learned throughout the years. From the dancing styles of Syrio Forel to targeting vulnerable parts of the body she learned from the Hound, and her ability to bounce back from a blow and the quick dodges she learned at the House of the Black and White.

When Arya and Brienne ended their “practice,” Brienne is impressed with Arya’s skills. Brienne asked her “Who taught you to do that?” she replied, “No one” with a little smile. All that time, Sansa was watching from a distance. Sansa obviously looked worried about her sister; she now realizes who her sister is now. Arya has a Kill List and is an amazing fighter.

No one can protect me

Arya Stark is now a master assassin, “No One” and back in Winterfell, could she be the “no one” who can protect Sansa?

In the “Battle of the Bastards” episode (S06E09), the night before the fight, Sansa told Jon “No one can protect me.” This sparked a fan theory that Arya, who is No One, is the one who can and will protect Sansa. And now that they are together back home, there’s nothing really stopping it from happening.