Raven Symone rose to fame on the Disney Channel show "That's So Raven" playing hilarious teen psychic Raven Baxter. The show ran for four years from 2003 until 2007. The show already had a spin-off show called "Cory in the Hous.e" Now the hit series sees its return 10 years later following Raven Baxter as a mother to two children in "Raven's home." The show was announced back in 2016 and is set to air on the Disney Channel this year in 2017.

Raven and Chelsea's children feature in 'Raven's Home'

The trailer for "Raven's Home" just dropped and it gives fans their first introduction to the Baxter children.

Raven Baxter is now a mother with two twins, a boy, and a girl. Her children are 11-years-old and are called Nia and Booker. Booker shares her mother's psychic ability and is sure to cause some hilarious situations. Character Chelsea, Raven's best friend from their days in "Raven's Home," also features in the new show.

In the trailer, it is explained that the best friends are now living together. Like Raven, Chelsea is now a mother to son Levi. The trailer shows that Raven and Chelsea will be up to their regular mischief. Adding the dynamic of motherhood into the mix is sure to make for a family orientated show that both parents and their children can enjoy and relate to. It is a real treat to original fans of the franchise to see the originals back and better than ever!

Will Baxter still get visions?

Fans need not worry that the famous psychic has lost her power. Raven is shown in the trailer having one of her visions. However, Raven is not the only character to have visions in the new show. Son Booker realizes that he has this strange ability too. It will be interesting to see how the creators of "Raven's Home" integrate this into the relationship between the mother and son.

"Raven's Home" has introduced another character, Tess, who lives in their apartment block. Tess is sure to add to the hilarity of the show as she is seen using a bat to knock Levi's drone from a flight. She appears to be a tom-boy and a free spirit who is sure to get the kids into heaps of trouble! The original star's kids on the show are played by actors Isaac Ryan Browne, Navia Robinson, and Jason Maybaum.

Raven Symone is thrilled to be back on the Disney Channel and is an executive producer of the show. The story of the psychic is to be explored in a way fans have never seen before. "Raven's Home" is set to premiere on the Disney Channel on Friday, July 21.