Blac Chyna has recently signed to a record label and is intent on becoming a rapper. Rob Kardashian has publicly made fun Chyna online and fans are unimpressed with the Kardashian's behavior. Rob has continuously come after his ex since their split and publicly shamed her online. Chyna is extremely excited about this new prospect in her life no matter what the father of her child thinks.

Chyna has been signed to a record album

According to The Sun, Blac Chyna has been offered a deal with the record label titled Universal’s Capitol Records and was spotted in the building with her lawyer.

It appears that Chyna has expressed an interest in rapping and is already planning to write some diss tracks about the Kardashian family.

Chyna has some popular friends in the music industry, and there are rumors going around that Nicki Minaj will be mentoring Chyna as she finds her unique style. Chyna is also friends with Drake who shouted her out on one of his tracks some years ago. It is clear that Chyna has the resources behind her to make the best out of this record deal.

According to Life and Style Magazine, Blac Chyna signed the contract worth $1 million recently and is already making plans on working on her music. Chyna also has connections with her ex and father of her child Tyga who has been in the music industry for some time.

Tyga and Blac Chyna are on friendly terms as they co-parent their son together.

Rob publicly makes fun of his ex

According to Hollywood Life, Rob Kardashian has wasted no time and has taken to social media to make fun of his ex's new rap career. Rob posted a comment stating that later on this year he was going to come out with a Lemonade track, referring to the track Beyoncé released letting the world know that Jay-Z had cheated on her.

Rob has claimed in the past that Blac Chyna cheated on him several times when the pair were an item and left him as soon as she gave birth to their daughter Dream. Rob then went on to post a meme of Beyoncé and stated that he was going to be coming with the fire.

According to The Sun, Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna have been involved in conversations about their daughter's custody and are close to finding a resolution.

The pair works well as a team for the sake of their daughter but apart from their amicable efforts for Dream Chyna and Rob are publicly coming at one another.

It is clear that Rob Kardashian is jealous of his ex and one can assume that he never truly got over Blac Chyna. It was recently revealed that Rob earns much less than the mother of his child does and therefore will need child support to help to rear their daughter Dream.