The "Property Brothers" star Drew Scott is reportedly joining the cast list of "Dancing With The Stars" season 25. The news was confirmed on Wednesday as the actor made an appearance on the morning show, "Good Morning America," via satellite in Los Angeles. The actor shared that he is already excited to join the cast on the dance floor and he added that his appearance on the show will be a blast.

One official pair

Amid the news that he'll be joining the show, Entertainment Tonight has further reported that he will be officially paired to Emma Slater, on the show's upcoming season.

Slater is the reigning mirror ball champion and she won her first trophy in the previous season, together with Rashad Jennings.

In the recent interview, the "Property Brothers" actor has shared that they already did two major rehearsals for the competition and he felt a lot nervous. However, being an athletic guy has made him accepted this dance challenge.

He also added that he never dance in his entire life. But most probably, he will make it to a point that he'll be able to make Slater win her second mirror ball this season. On the other hand, Slater also revealed that she is pressured by the upcoming competition but having her new partner made her feel lucky about.

Nabbing the mirror ball

As they prepared for the upcoming "Dancing with the Stars" season 25, Scott revealed that he felt that Slater would win the mirror ball this season.

For his entire life, the actor admitted watching the reality dancing competition, and he added that everyone from the show supports everyone to win.

Meanwhile, Scott further revealed that Jonathan, his brother, also hoped to hit the dance floor this season. He added that his brother is also excited for the show; however, it has been learned that he hurt his shoulder.

Hence, he only allowed his brother to take on the ballroom competition.

Scott also believed that his brother would continue to show his as he joins the show. During his interview with GMA, a short video clipped of Jonathan was played and it featured support him wishing his brother the best of luck for the upcoming dance competition.

Jonathan assured his brother that he'll always have his back whenever he needs to show some moves on the dance floor. Meanwhile, the rest of the cast members for the "Dancing with the Stars" season 25 will be announced on September 6 at the GMA. ET has also learned that Vanessa and Nikki Bella are also part of the contenders this season.