Kate Middleton and Prince William are undeniably one of the most followed celebrity couples in the world. They have the bragging rights to earn that title because their love story is pretty much like a real life fairy tale. Prince William comes from a legit blood line of royals, while Kate Middleton was just a commoner who happened to be enrolled in the same university. The rest, as they say, is history. Of course, the relationship pretty much took a toll on Kate's personal life, as the paparazzi and fans of the royals became more inquisitive and tried to get more information about her.

However, Middleton showed that she was up for whatever challenges a royal girlfriend had to go through and she eventually married her prince charming on April 29, 2011.

After becoming an official royal couple, Kate Middleton and Prince William were given the titles Duchess and Duke of Cambridge respectively. However, it seems that they won't be called those titles anymore as Closer Weekly reports that Queen Elizabeth has reportedly changed it to King And Queen.

Prince Charles skipped over

According to Life & Style Magazine, Queen Elizabeth's decision came as a surprise to her constituents. If the royal family tree was to be traced, Prince Charles was supposedly the next in line to be hailed as the next King of England.

However, many have speculated that Prince Charles slightly complicated love life may have something to do with the Queen's decision. Prince Charles is currently in a relationship with Camilla Parker Bowles, Duchess of Cornwall. Bowles is the second wife of Prince Charles, replacing the famous and well-loved Princess Diana, who passed away in a tragic vehicular accident in 1997.

Many have speculated that Queen Elizabeth never really liked Camilla Parker Bowles but as expected, no one has really confirmed the said speculations. However, the new titles given to Kate Middleton and Prince William as King and Queen of England might serve as another important piece in the puzzle.

Kate and William are the future

Compared to Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles, Kate Middleton and Prince William are the epitome of an ideal family, whose future looks so bright ahead of them. According to Life & Style Magazine, Queen Elizabeth sees the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as the perfect couple to be the next King and Queen to rule over the British Monarchy. Additionally, Queen Elizabeth also believes that Kate and William can restore the power of the monarchy in present times.