For the nth time, Kate Middleton is again going against the current of Camilla Parker-Bowles' crabby comment about the late Princess Diana. Once more, the Duchess of Cambridge will not let another insult pass especially that it concerns the legacy of her husband's mother.

Duchess of Cambridge to Princess Diana's rescue

Kate Middleton won't be silenced over the insult that Camilla Parker-Bowles threw upon Princess Diana. The Duchess of Cornwell gave her unsolicited comment about the mental health of the late Princess when she was still with Prince Charles.

Being a commoner, Princess Diana had a lot of difficulties in dealing with the life in Buckingham Palace. The Duchess can relate to this for she herself is not a blue blood. Aside from that, she would feel angry knowing that her mother-in-law was dragged with mental health issues. More so that it especially came from Camilla. For Kate, Camilla’s comment was unacceptable and improper. The Duchess of Cambridge is not only protective of her husband and their marriage; she is also making sure that no one will tarnish the legacy of her husband's mother.

Lonely Princess Di

When Prince William was born in 1982, reportedly, Princess Diana felt so alone and has no one to unload her feelings to. Instead of finding outlets to let off her emotions, the princess kept it all to herself.

In front of the royals, she put on a normal face masking all the loneliness she felt within. However, being human and strong has limits too. There was one instance when the princess burst out in tears in front of the Royals, which was the only time they allegedly noticed her.

However, to them, Princess Diana was perhaps mentally unstable.

Her situation reportedly became worse in 1986 when Prince Charles had an alleged relationship with Camilla Parker-Bowles. Fanning flame to the sparks, friends of her husband ridicules her as mentally unstable and Camilla talked about her mental condition in private conversations.

England’s Rose legacy lives on

Many people wonder why Camilla Parker-Bowles would give snarky comments about the mother of Prince’s William and Harry.

The only underlying reason would be jealousy. Although the late wife of Prince Charles was gone too soon, her legacy lives on. People loved her when she was living and more so when she died. She had touched so many lives that saying anything terrible about her would not make people change their love for her. In the next few months, people will commemorate the 20th death anniversary of England’s Rose. If Camilla would want to soften her image and get the public’s affection, she should refrain from throwing this kind of comments against the late Princess Diana.