Kate Middleton pregnancy news is all over the internet once again as the royal family gets a brighter spotlight with Princess Charlotte's recent second birthday. While the Duke and Duchess Of Cambridge are the epitome of a happy, perfect family, blessed with one boy and one girl, speculations that a new addition to the royal family might be announced soon are making its round on the grapevine. That said, the world is excitedly awaiting the celebration of Princess Charlotte's second birthday not only to rejoice with the royal family but to have an opportunity to see if Kate Middleton is sporting a baby bump.

According to reports, it has been well over a year since kate middleton pregnancy news has been a hot topic for discussion. This is mainly because of how close the gap between Prince George and Princess Charlotte is, which is less than two years. Now that Charlotte is about to turn two, people are waiting if there will be another pregnancy announcement soon.

Is Kate Middleton pregnant with baby #3? - the bets are on

According to reports, the world of gambling is quite busy these days because of the rising bets on whether the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant or not. Apparently, the punters are very confident in the last couple of days and the pregnancy announcement is already imminent. According to locals, it is only a matter of time until the Palace announces the new addition to the royal family.

Even before an official announcement has been made, sources reveal that betting for the gender of the baby has already been rampant despite the absence of the announcement regarding Kate Middleton's pregnancy. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge also celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary over the weekend, making the atmosphere joyous and very conducive for a baby announcement.

Kate Middleton, Prince William staying strong despite controversies

For those who have been following the lives of the royals, it can be remembered that Prince William was recently caught in a controversy wherein he was seen getting too close with a woman in a club that was clearly not his wife. The Duchess of Cambridge, being the classy wife and all, didn't respond to the controversy verbally, but instead gave a succinct answer by showing the paparazzi that she and Prince William are still together and very much in love.

As for baby number 3, there's still no official announcement from the Palace. In the meantime, the festivities for Princess Charlotte's birthday are considered to be the main event for the palace on May 2.