The "Pretty Little Liars" season 6A finale ended with the Liars moms all trapped in the basement to one of the houses. For months fans wondered how (and if) they had escaped, and believed that they'd finally learn in the 6B premiere. Unfortunately, fans were left with unanswered questions even after the series finale. It's taken I. Marlene King this long to reveal just what happened to the "Pretty Little Liars" moms in that basement.

It's all thanks to Emily's mom

In the series finale, the moms did laugh about the time they were trapped in the basement.

Fans hoped that they would get answers, but Ella had to question the other moms if they knew how they'd gotten out. None of them could remember the important details.

It turns out that it was Emily's mom that was the key to getting everyone out. Really, it's a story the moms should definitely have not forgotten, unless they had had far too much wine at the time. I. Marlene King shared on social media that Pam Fields had to strip naked, oil herself up, and slide her way through the window. From there, she was able to unlock the door and get everyone else out of the basement.

Why Pam? She was the smallest of the group of moms. It made more sense for her to be the one to get up and out of the basement.

Was it 'PLL' mystery worth the wait?

Like with the series finale, fans aren't sure whether the reveal to the mystery was really worth the wait. It seems a little unlikely that Pam would have done this or that the moms would even have thought about this. Surely someone else was eventually going to come back to the house to find them.

After all, they all had children out there who would have ended up looking for them. People would have noticed they were missing and found the locked basement.

It just seems like yet another disappointing end to a hyped-up storyline. The series finale received numerous complaints for its jump-the-shark moments. There had been no clues from the beginning over A.D.'s identity.

In fact, Troian Bellisario later admitted that the showrunners had no idea how to handle the time jump at first. Charlotte DiLaurentis was always supposed to be end game and then freeform ordered extra seasons. The fans needed to get some closure, so the new mystery character was created.

What do you think about the way the moms got out of the basement in "Pretty Little Liars?" Were you just happy to finally get an answer or would you have liked something better to finally wrap up that mystery?