When Peggy Sulihian joined "The Real Housewives of Orange County," she did so with confidence. She revealed that she was very happy with the success that she and her husband had built together. She and her husband, Diko, prided themselves on being wealthy people and they clearly put money first and wealth high on the list of priorities. However, it sounds like Meghan doesn't think that Peggy made a great first impression, with her lip pinching action.

Meghan was shocked when Peggy reached out and physically pinched her lips together to signal to her that she needed to be quiet.

On the show, Meghan revealed that she didn't understand what she was saying that offended Peggy so much, and many "Real Housewives of orange county" fans felt the same way. The new housewife had clearly made a bad first impression on Meghan but Peggy saw no problems with her actions.

Too much gossip?

In her blog for Bravo, Peggy Sulihian even explains that she felt that Meghan was talking so much about her "Real Housewives of Orange County" co-stars that it was starting to be a little bit immature. She points out that she felt that Meghan was stepping over some boundaries and she was trying to tell her in a nice way to be quiet.

"Meghan kept feeding fuel to the fire and went on and on about Vicki’s behavior and how invalid some of her actions were.

When someone keeps pushing buttons to a point where it becomes immature, somebody has to stop that person," Peggy has explained in her Bravo blog about her decision to pinch Meghan's lips together.

Vicki agreed with her actions

Vicki Gunvalson agreed with Peggy, even though she would never actually pinch someone's lips together.

She reveals that she did want King Edmonds to stop talking about the drama that happened during their trip to Ireland and how the group was split, but she kept her silence as King Edmonds kept talking.

It sounds like lip pinching action is something that Peggy has done before and she reveals that it is perhaps surprising to Meghan who she had never met before.

Maybe this is something Peggy uses when she disciplines her children, telling them not to talk too much about other people.

Do you think Peggy's lip pinching was outrageous? Are you surprised that Meghan is making such a big deal out of the act, or do you think Peggy is trying to tell her that she shouldn't be speaking about other people's issues - and she should listen to Sulihian's advice?