DeMario jackson was ready at the keys yesterday as "Bachelor in Paradise" aired on ABC. He revealed that he had waited a long time for the show to air, as his name had been tainted in the media for a couple of weeks. He revealed that he did nothing wrong in regards to his co-star Corinne Olympios even though she had hinted that she had been the victim of something horrible while filming.

On the tonight season premiere of the show, "Bachelor in Paradise" fans got to see for themselves how the couple flirted with one another and how they ended up in the pool with their clothes on.

It sounds like they were super excited about finally being in Mexico and excited about the possibility of them finding love together.

But it didn't take more than a few days before production shut down as DeMario Jackson was being accused of the unthinkable. While production has never spoken out about what really happened and Corinne hasn't said much, there's a heavy hint that Jackson did something without Corinne's consent.

Portrayed negatively in the press

There is a general notion that he perhaps had sex with her without her being fully present as she had consumed too much alcohol. He claims he did nothing wrong and after fans watched the "Bachelor in Paradise" season premiere this week, it sounds like people are starting to believe him.

During Tuesday's episode of the show, Chris Harrison and the contestants decided to sit down and talk about what had happened on the show.

Harrison asked an interesting question about the entire deal; did race have something to do with it? Some of the contestants were sad to admit that the race probably did have something to do with it as an African-American male was being accused of doing something against a white female without her consent.

Of course, DeMario Jackson kept denying that he did anything wrong and he wanted fans to believe him.

Contestants weigh in

After the show and after Chris Harrison's discussion with the contestants, it sounds like he feels he has been completely vindicated.

Corinne hasn't said much about the entire situation, but one can imagine that she just wants to leave everything behind her. She herself hasn't said anything about what happened, except for the fact that she might have misused some of her words when she called herself the victim.

She hints that the entire situation may have been blown out of proportion, but it may be a little too late for someone like DeMario who will now forever be related to this incident where he was being accused of doing something without her consent. Sadly this is something that people will find when they Google his name online.

What do you think about fans reaching out to DeMario Jackson after last night's episode?