Megan King Edmonds may have been gushing about her daughter Aspen as "Real Housewives of Orange County" season began this year, but during one of her first group scenes with the ladies, new "Real Housewives" star, Peggy Sulihian, decided to pinch her lips during a discussion. Peggy explains that she wanted Meghan to stop talking about past issues and Vicki Gunvalson could not agree with.

But Meghan was rattled by Peggy's behavior, and she decided to question this new housewife. Several of the housewives felt that Peggy's behavior was a horrible first impression, but it sounds like Peggy doesn't care about the other ladies think of her.

As it turns out, she is close with her husband and works hard with him to run their business.

She's very successful, and one can imagine that her net worth is much higher than many of the ladies on the show. Vicki even reveals that her son, Michael, had looked up to Peggy's husband Diko for years because his car business inspired him.

According to her new Bravo blog, Meghan King Edmonds explains that she wanted to give Peggy a second chance by inviting her to the sip-n-see, as she knows how hard it is to be the new housewife on the show. She explains that Peggy made a horrible first impression and she wanted to give her a second chance to prove herself.

Bad first impressions

"I do still feel that Peggy was in the wrong for pinching my lips, but I know what it’s like to be the new girl and potentially make a bad first impression, so I wanted to include her at the Sip-N-See to give her another chance.

It’s just so difficult to understand her sometimes," Meghan King Edmonds explains about her decision to invite Peggy to her event.

Little did Meghan know, Peggy had already made that impression with the other ladies, as she had joked about her husband beating her on Fridays when Shannon Beador had revealed how hurtful the beating allegations had been for her.

She had previously explained that the accusations had resulted in her gaining 40 pounds.

Pinching her lips together

It is surprising that Meghan is giving her a second chance after everything they went through during their first meeting. One can imagine that Meghan is still shocked and surprised that Peggy would physically pinch her lips together, but reveals that she doesn't mind inviting her to the party, as she herself was a new housewife just a few years ago.

What are you think about Meghan King Edmonds' decision to give Peggy a second chance? Do you think the new housewife made a horrible first impression?