vicki gunvalson has returned to "The Real Housewives of Orange County" even though she doesn't really get along with many of her co-stars. These days, it seems like Vicki only gets along with Kelly Dodd and she would prefer that they flip some of the other housewives to become friends with them again. Vicki has revealed that she wants everyone to get along, as it is better when they're all friends, but it sounds like her wishes may be far from coming true. As it turns out, she is the primary reason why the group is split if you asked him Rajesh and Shannon the door.

Even though

As it turns out, she is the primary reason why the group is split if you ask Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador. Even though Vicki may be to blame for some of the drama, Vicki and Tamra wants to put the blame entirely on her.

Face to face

During Monday's episode of "The Real Housewives of Orange County," Vicki finally came face-to-face with Tamra and Shannon after last year's dramatic reunion special. Gunvalson learned that her co-stars were no longer interested in friendships with her, even though they may be to blame for some of the drama themselves.

Shannon has revealed that Vicki is the reason why she gained 40 pounds during the show's hiatus, as she struggled to deal with the accusations that her husband had beat her.

Tamra was furious with Vicki herself after she learned that Vicki had indulged in the rumors about her husband possibly being gay.

Vicki may feel that the other ladies take life a little bit too seriously, as she was merely talking about the stories that were in the media about her co-stars and former friends. After what Vicki herself went through a few years ago with Brooks Ayers and the entire cancer scandal, one can imagine that a few rumors here and there aren't too much for her to handle.

Needed time off

But it sounds like Vicki may have needed some time away after watching Monday's episode of the show. During the episode, she revealed that she wanted to make life miserable for Tamra and Shannon simply because of the fact that they didn't want to be friends with her. She essentially wanted to punish them for not being friends with her.

It seems like a ridiculous move by Vicki and one can imagine she got plenty of comments on social media about her behavior. As a result of that, Vicki revealed that she needed some time away and was happy and surprised when her daughter Briana Culberson and her husband Ryan decided to take her away for the day. She shared a picture on Instagram of her grandsons and it sounds like she enjoyed not having to deal with the drama of the show.

What do you think about Vicki Gunvalson wanting to punish Shannon and Tamra for not being friends with her? Do you think she should just move on from the drama instead of stirring it up again?