Three new claims from two women and a man said that Usher knew he had herpes and intentionally did not tell them. One of these three individuals has come forward for the first time weeks after one woman said that Usher paid her $1.1 million in order to settle the lawsuit regarding her contracting herpes from him.

The singer denied the claims of the first woman who said she contracted herpes after having Sexual Contact with the singer. One of the three new people who came forward gave a public statement detailing how she and Usher met and that he never told her he had the disease.

Woman gives detailed statement

The woman who came forward was identified as Quantasia Sharpton, who is being represented by Attorney Lisa Bloom. She filed a lawsuit in California on Monday on behalf of two more victims who claimed Usher never told them about his condition. The two female victims had vaginal sex with Usher while the male victim claimed he had oral sex with Usher.

According to People, Sharpton said that she loved Usher’s artistry and music, and she went to a concert featuring the singer with some of her friends. She was celebrating her 19th birthday and was wearing a birthday crown. Because she wore a birthday crown, she was selected to go backstage before the show. A security guard then asked for her number because Usher saw her backstage and was interested in her.

After the concert, Sharpton and her friends went back to their hotel when she got a number from Usher asking her which hotel she was staying in. An hour later, he arrived and after speaking for a while, they had an intercourse. She said that she never heard from him again.

Why Sharpton chose to speak out

She then heard about Usher’s herpes scandal and noted that she got herself tested but was negative.

Although she was negative, she contacted Bloom because she felt like her rights were violated because she was never informed. Sharpton pointed out that she is speaking on behalf of herself and the other people who are embarrassed to speak out publicly because some of them are positive. She then addressed Usher saying that if he is negative, he should break his silence, but if he is positive, he should warn his sexual partners, Los Angeles Times reported.

Bloom said that the law requires people with herpes to warn their sexual partners or abstain from having intercourse. She also confirmed that one of the three people who recently filed a lawsuit against Usher tested positive for the virus.