Years have already passed after the theatrical debut of “Frozen,” but its massive success has aptly called for a follow-up. Good thing is that “Frozen 2” is definitely happening.

Plot speculations on the release of “Frozen 2” have been rife online since the first film became a phenomenal blockbuster hit at the box office back in 2013. After quite the wait, Disney finally announced the official release date of the sequel.

Back in April, lead cast Kristen Bell, who played the role of Anna in the Disney movie, took to Twitter to announce the big news.

Bell confirmed that the second movie will invade theaters worldwide on Nov. 27, 2019.

Idina Menzel, Josh Gad, and Jonathan Groff also posted on their respective Twitter accounts about this latest development surrounding the hotly anticipated sequel.

Major cast, crew to return

It is assumed that Bell, Menzel, Gad, and Groff will return for the next installment of the animated series. Famed directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee will also get behind the director’s chair, with Peter Del Vecho as the movie producer.

Shocking plot twist

Meanwhile, fresh fan theories and speculations with regard to the sequel’s plot twist are now making rounds online following the announcement of the movie’s release date, the latest of which suggests that Kristen Bell's Anna will evolve as the new villain -- how will this likely pan out in the new storyline remains to be seen.

Similar to the first film, it is supposed that “Frozen 2” will unfold a shocking unexpected twist. This time, Queen Elsa's one and only sister, Anna, will be the big baddie in the sequel, but this should be taken as mere speculation for now.

Earlier, the film producer said that the sequel will enable the viewers to have a better understanding of the story in the first movie.

Del Vacho further said that the production team is working hard on the second installment of the franchise that is currently in development writing process.

Hilarious, emotional, beautiful

Back at the D23 Expo, Walt Disney Animation Studios Chief Creative Officer John Lasseter offered a preview on huge sequels including "Frozen 2." Lasseter shared how excited he is for these films, saying that these are hilarious, emotional, and beautiful that will get the audience totally engaged.

He added that it will be a mix of remarkably stunning new worlds, characters, and stories that fans will surely love to get back to.

The prequel to "Frozen 2" holds the record as the most successful animated movie of all time, with a whopping $1.219 billion USD at the world box office.