Usher is facing more lawsuits! But what’s really newsworthy are the claims about his Sexuality, with some hinting that the 38-year-old singer-songwriter is either gay or bisexual. The reason? Well, latest court documents suggested that he exposed two women and a man to a sexually-transmitted disease (STD) without any prior warning.

Following the lawsuit filed by a woman who claimed to have been infected with herpes by the “No Limit” singer, a new lawsuit is currently in the works with similar claims. But what really took the entertainment industry by surprise was the claim that he had a sexual contact with a man.


A few weeks ago, reports emerged claiming that Usher settled a 2012 lawsuit for $1.1 million after he got a woman infected with herpes without disclosing his STD diagnosis. Unfortunately, she is not the only victim.

In a press release on Friday, lawyer Lisa Bloom, who is also representing Blac Chyna in her “revenge-porn” case against baby daddy Rob Kardashian, announced that she will file a new lawsuit against the “OMG” hitmaker in California on Monday. According to People, Bloom is representing three unnamed victims.

In the court documents, one of the victims was named “Jane Doe,” suggesting the gender is female.

The other accuser, on the other hand, was a “John Doe,” which hints a male victim. It was also revealed that the two victims will remain private, while a third accuser will break her silence at a New York press conference on Monday, following the filing of the case.

Bloom claimed that the three victims had sexual contact with the singer after 2012.

However, the singer failed to warn them about his STD diagnosis, which he reportedly knew about around 2009 or 2010.


Due to the latest claims, questions about the singer’s sexuality have surfaced.

In fact, his fans are wondering if he could be bisexual or gay. In a report about the singer’s sexuality published by Heavy, the publication revealed that the “DJ Got US Fallin In Love” singer had sexual contact with John Doe between 2012 and 2013.

In addition, his ex-wife, Tameka Foster, appeared to have hinted the singer’s sexuality on Twitter in 2011. In her post, which has already been deleted, Tameka wrote that gay men who are pretending to be “straight” should wear “bright wristbands” to identify themselves. But Nyeisha Dewitt, Foster’s close pal, refuted the speculations and stressed that her friend’s ex-hubby is definitely a straight man, saying the singer’s sexuality was “never been an issue.”

The questions on Usher’s sexuality, however, didn’t die down.

In fact, other celebrities seemed to have hinted at it. In a 2012 interview with Kevin Hart, Sean “Diddy” Combs revealed that he and the singer “used to wake up together.” Even though Diddy did not mean it in any malicious way, some people were quick to assume that the two artists could have been involved in a sexual relationship.

In a 2013 Huffington Post interview, Jenny McCarthy also hinted about the singer’s sexuality when she was asked if she found him attractive. McCarthy’s response was pretty interesting when she asked back if the singer is indeed straight or bisexual.

Even though Usher has never addressed these speculations publicly, he seemed to have hinted his sexuality when he discussed the benefits of having bisexual friends in 2010.

As a matter of fact, the singer even admitted that bisexuals are the “best to be friends with.”

Wife’s reaction

Despite these nasty controversies, the singer’s wife, Grace Miguel, remains strong for her husband. She also does not believe that the STD claims and lawsuits are true. According to TMZ, she is not even concerned about the accusations.

Meanwhile, if Usher is proven guilty of not disclosing his STD diagnosis to his partners before engaging in unprotected sexual acts, he could be charged with a misdemeanor. Based on California law, this act is no longer considered a felony, thanks to the introduction of a new bill that downgraded the crime to a misdemeanor.