Nina Dobrev rose to fame with her portrayal of Elena Gilbert in “The Vampire Diaries” but when she left the show in 2015 after starring in six seasons, fans were left heartbroken. She had become such an integral part of the CW series that it was difficult to imagine further seasons without her. But then Nina had always been clear about leaving the series after a certain point. In a recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar, the Bulgarian actress revealed this secret and also got candid about her professional and personal life.

'The Vampire Diaries' proved to be a lifetime journey

The 28-year-old Bulgarian actress told the magazine that she starred in six seasons of the CW series and it gave her an experience of a lifetime. Speaking about her character Elena Gilbert, she said that she always knew that it would be a six-season adventure as she wanted to explore the fear of the unknown. She revealed that it was necessary for her to go through the feeling of not landing a job again and it made her work even harder so as to stay afloat in the competition. The experience also made her choosy in the process.

Challenging roles not easy to come by

Dobrev might have become choosy post “The Vampire Diaries,” but good roles have not come her way in fair numbers and the prime reason for this scarcity is no one but the actress herself.

She said that the things she wants to do are not necessarily the things that others expect of her and hence, it has led to a disconnect between her dreams and projects. However, the actress is clear that she does not want to play teenage roles anymore and wants to take up mature roles in future. She is looking to work with great directors and wants to tell amazing stories.

This is something that she has expressively desired for years.

Unhealthy obsession with adventure

In the interview, Nina Dobrev did disclose her fearless professional side but it applies to her personal life as well. This is because the Bulgarian beauty lives by the rule of trying anything for the first time and has an obsession with taking the leap once.

However, it is not that she is all daring and badass. Sometimes, she does get the goosebumps, and it happened when she was trying bungee jumping as she could see the rocks and sense the outcome if things went wrong. Dobrev also admitted that she loved traveling and has escaped fans’ attention many a time because none could believe that she would travel by herself with a backpack.