The new trailer for “Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite” has been released and it brings forth new characters from the video game series. Altogether there will be 30 characters at the launch of the game and more will join later on. The new trailer is said to be the complete trailer of the story that will follow in the game. Also, it lays down the foundation for the fights that will be out in the story mode of "Infinite."

Trailer shows Iron Man against Captain America

The new trailer brings out an interesting part of the story, showing how a difference of opinion can lead to friends turning against each other.

It shows Iron Man and Captain America in conflict as both do not see eye to eye on the subject of dealing with Ultron Sigma. Yes, the main villain of the video game is also featured in the trailer and Spider-Man comes up for a few seconds in a dark outfit. There are new characters too, and they include Dormammu and Ghost Rider.

If fans remember, these characters were already confirmed for the upcoming sixth installment of the game. The good news is that more details about them -- as well as Jedah and Firebrand -- will be revealed in the coming days at the Gamescom. So, with these four new characters, the total count of playable characters sits at 30. However, it will not stop at this figure, as more will be launched after the release of the game as downloadable content.

Ultron Sigma poses challenge to superheroes

Other than ushering in new characters, the fresh trailer shows tension brewing for the characters. The situation poses challenges for the Marvel and Capcom superheroes because Ultron Sigma has two Infinity Stones. To retrieve them, the superheroes have to make a tough choice as it is only the Mad Titan Thanos who can get them back, but the problem is he cannot be relied upon.

Speaking of Thanos, the trailer shows him imprisoned in an energy cell. There are also brief shots of Jedah’s creation -- a deadly Symbiote beast.

Characters developed on the basis of strengths and weaknesses

Producer Mike Evans and associate producer Peter Rosas have said that the “Marvel Vs. Capcom” characters were created after examining their Strengths And Weaknesses in detail.

They have been bestowed with new abilities and moves in order to make them viable. As for their selection, they looked at gameplay, as well as interactions in the story. Last but not least, a variety of characters have been included to make it more interesting.