Only two more episodes are left in Game of ThronesSeason 7, and then it will be a long wait until the final season returns. However, the coming together of Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow will not take long as it is very likely to happen in this season only and logic also supports their pairing. In fact, Daenerys helping Jon was revealed back in "GOT" Season 2 itself but the upsetting part about the current season is that her dragons are in danger.

Ice and fire have lots in common

Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen have finally met in season 7 and by the fifth episode, everyone could see that they had warmed up to each other.

Of course, romance seems like a distant reality but this season has wrapped up long-awaited events quickly. Thus, their love story could very well blossom in the coming two episodes and it should because they are made for each other. Both have gone through heavy struggles before being crowned king and queen. Both defeated death on their road to leadership and the two are also noble people at heart who are always guided by morals. Last but not the least, their coming together means a major unification of power for the seven kingdoms and it will be in the interest of all the people.

Early indications in season 2

While it is season 7 that brought together Daenerys and Jon and made case for the former reaching out to the latter to rescue him, this future event had already been hinted at in season 2.

If fans remember, the last episode of the second season had Dany entering the House of the Undying in Qarth where she not just met Khal Drogo but also her baby. She was also led to the Iron Throne but then she heard the cry of her baby dragon and left everything to save him and succeeded in rescuing him. So, for her, the call of duty came foremost and this season too could see her going after her duty of rescuing another soul namely Jon Snow.

Dragons no longer invincible

While the Mother of Dragons may have saved her babies once, she may not be able to do it now because the fourth episode has proven that they can be killed. Bronn succeeded in bringing down Drogon to the ground with Qyburn’s weapon and though he is alive, he is definitely endangered. A more deadly weapon can kill him and the fact that ice dragons have existed in Martin’s work point towards the death of dragons. So, it only makes sense for the dragon’s mother to use them judiciously and not venture out recklessly like she did recently.