It has been confirmed that Nick Jonas will be joining the cast for the YA movie adaptation of "Chaos Walking" a post-apocalyptic novel by Patrick Ness. Jonas will be playing a main role in the movie and will be joined by such cast members as Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley. It has been a while since Jonas has starred in a movie as he has been busy working on his music and other projects.

The movie takes place in a science fiction world

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the movie titled "Chaos Walking" is an adaptation of the science fiction apocalyptic thriller written by Patrick Ness.

The movie will take place on a colony planet where almost all of the women have died due to a virus and all living creatures have to deal with a phenomenon known as "The Noise." "The Noise" is a virus, which inflicts immersive visions of one's thoughts on everyone it affects.

This drives many of the population to madness and there has not been a way of stopping the virus from being stopped. However, a young man makes a discovery that could change their entire world. He believes that a girl holds the answers to this planet and will be able to help save the fate of human kind.

Nick Jonas is taking on the role of Davy Prentiss Junior

According to AV Club, Nick Jonas will play a soldier named Davy Prentiss Junior in "Chaos Walking" who is the son of Mayor Prentiss who controls the army.

Davy is fueled by a jealousy of his father's position in the ranks and the constant mentorship that his father offers to him. Davy also has to deal with his rival Todd Hewitt who is the young man that believes the girl can save their world.

Tom Holland will also be starring in the movie "Chaos Walking" as Davy's arch nemesis Todd Hewitt.

It is clear that there is going to be some tension between the characters of Davy and Todd as it seems that Davy is pre-dispositioned to be a jealous character. Once Davy learns that Todd thinks there is a way to save their world there is no doubt that he will try to take the glory for the salvation of human kind.

Also joining the cast is actor Daisy Ridley who is best known for her role in the Star Wars reboot.

She has starred in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" and will be starring in the upcoming sequel movie. With a stellar cast, the movie "Chaos Walking" is already set to be a great success. It has been confirmed Allison Shearmur, Erwin Stoff and Doug Davison that will also be joining the cast of the movie

Fans of Patrick Ness are beyond excited that "Chaos Walking" is getting its very own movie adaptation.