Ed Westwick has made the hearts of girls all over the world a-flutter when he played the romantically sarcastic role of rich, lonely boy, Chuck Bass, on "Gossip Girl." Years after the series ended, Ed Westwick is still popularly referenced by many as Chuck Bass, and it seems like he's making headlines once again with a new girlfriend. According to Cosmopolitan, the "Gossip Girl" actor and his new girlfriend, Jessica Serfaty, recently got matching tattoos, which most probably signifies that they are in for the long haul, right? Since tattoos will take pretty much forever to remove, unless one would willingly a trip to a derma for removal, the couple tats of Ed Westwick and Jessica Serfaty surely means that they are more than just a summer fling.

According to Cosmopolitan, Jessica Serfaty uploaded a photo on Instagram showing their matching couple tattoos that they reportedly got to celebrate Ed Westwick's birthday. On May 26, Serfaty posted a photo of her and Ed Westwick smooching with the caption "Well, it's official. I'm swoon."

Who is Jessica Serfaty?

It's quite normal for girlfriends of on-screen heartthrobs to be stalked by the adoring fans. In this case, Jessica Serfaty is no longer a newbie to being stalked on social media by fans of Ed Westwick because she was also in a past relationship with Niall Horan and Nick Jonas.According to Lifestyle One, Jessica Serfaty is a social influencer and a model who appeared on "America's Next Top Model" series 14.

Fans are quite shaken that Ed Westwick and Jessica Serfaty would get matching tattoos right away, after only making their relationship public last month. Apparently, it was too much to handle for some fans who were having a hard time accepting the fact that the real life Chuck Bass is already off the market.

Ed Westwick ready to be a dad?

Before pregnancy rumors begin to leak, this is to clarify that Jessica Serfaty is not pregnant as of the moment, but, she actually has an 8-year old son from a previous relationship. She reportedly got married and had a son with Ididia Serfaty when she was 17 years old, but now they are divorced.

Should Ed Westwick decide to settle down and get married to Jessica Serfaty, it would definitely make him a stepfather to her 8-year old son. Fans of the "Gossip Girl" star are still trying to grasp the possible reality of someone calling the former bachelor, "daddy," and with his relationship with Jessica Serfaty reaching "matching tattoos" level, it's safe to say that their relationship has potential to be for keeps.