"Riverdale" will be returning for its second season come October 2017 and recently it has been confirmed that Veronica's ex will be joining the series. This will cause trouble for her current relationship, which is already set to face some difficult challenges as Archie tries to find out who shot his father. The second season of "Riverdale" is set to be much darker than season one and the character of Nick will certainly add to this.

Graham Phillips cast as Nick

According to Screen Rant, actor Graham Phillips known for his work in "The Good Wife" and "White Collar" has been cast to play the character of Nick who happens to be Veronica's ex.

His arrival into "Riverdale" will cause some problems for Archie and Veronica's relationship and his shady nature will mean that some of the characters will be put in danger because of Nick.

In a report by CBR the creator of "Riverdale" Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa openly talks about the new character and describes the kind of traits that are associated with Nick. Roberto has stated that Nick is an old schoolmate of Veronica's and comes from the same background of wealth and privilege as the "Riverdale" girl. However, despite his delicate raising Nick has been termed as a wolf in sheep's clothing.

While he appears nice on the outside, it turns out that Veronica's ex is secretly full of dark desires, which will spell trouble for Archie and his friends.

It has been confirmed that season 2 of "Riverdale" is due to be much darker than the first season and the addition of Nick certainly connects to the new season’s darker theme.

Season two to be darker than season one

According to Screen Rant, season two of "Riverdale" is to be much scarier and darker than the first season of the original Netflix series.

While the first season focused on the murder of character Jason Blossom, the second season will delve into the shooting of Archie's father and Jughead's new affiliation with the Serpents.

The character of Hiram Lodge will be joining his family as he has been released from jail and fans of the show will get to see Veronica interacting with her father on screen.

The arrival of ex-boyfriend Nick might cause Hiram to try to convince his daughter to be with someone who is perceived as an upstanding member of society.

The second season will be much more suspenseful than season one as Archie explores the lower levels of "Riverdale" and delves into the world of crime and drugs. The season's arc will follow the gang as they try to uncover the motivation behind Archie's dad's shooting, as Jughead believes that it was an intentional hit on the family.

Fans are excited to see how the character of Nick will change things in "Riverdale" but they will have to wait until season two returns to Netflix.