Kesha recently worked with the network CBS and starred in a segment titled "Note to Self" in which she wrote a letter to herself when she was 18-years-old. Kesha delves into the realities of what is facing her younger self and talks about the difficulties and obstacles that she will face in her path to success. She gives herself advice on how to best handle situations and reassures herself that there is a light at the end of her dark road.

The star recounts how dangerous her path to fame was

According to Billboard, singer Kesha recently starred as a part of CBS' series "Note to Self" in which she wrote advice to her younger self when she was 18-years-old and first starting into the music industry.

Kesha recounted her road to success and gave some advice to her younger self on how she would have handled things differently.

The star began by stating that she nearly killed herself on her road to fame and told her younger self that she was going to have to deal with crippling anxiety, an intense Fear Of Failure and insecurity. Kesha explained to her 18-year-old self that she would come to face one of her biggest challenges when she would become both severely bulimic and anorexic. She then warned that as her disease continues to get worse she would receive from people in the music industry instead of help.

Kesha also warned her younger self about the hate that was waiting to greet her throughout her journey.

She spoke candidly about the negativity of people on the internet towards her and her choice to drop out of high school to pursue a career in music. However, there is a silver lining as the star will come to meet her idol Bob Dylan live and in person.

A message of hope is also included in the letter

According to Rolling Stone, Kesha also talked about the positives that are awaiting her younger self down the line once she has overcome all that stands in her way.

She speaks about how her younger self will meet people who have been saved by music and how this will change the way that she will think about music for the rest of her career.

Kesha tells her 18-year-old self that eventually she will write a song and that this song is going to be called "Rainbow." Kesha states that she is going to be extremely proud of the song that proves that there is a light at the end of her dark road.

She claims that the song is going to be a reminder that she needs to love herself and that there will always be a rainbow waiting at the end of a storm.

Fans were both surprised and in awe to hear Kesha talking to her younger self and were both full of sorrow and pride for the singer's journey.