Mindy Kaling gave her first interview since it was announced that she was pregnant. Now, the Actress is confirming her first pregnancy herself and talking about motherhood, saying her "Mindy Project" pregnancy was like a dress rehearsal for the real thing and that she felt ready to be a mother.

Playing a mom on TV compared to real life

In a new interview with Today, "The Mindy Project" writer and actress finally spoke out about her first pregnancy. A preview of the candidly personal interview, which is set to air on September 10, showed Willie Geist asking Kaling how she felt about becoming a mom.

Mindy said she was extremely "excited" and that it was a "fun feeling" to not be in control of something for once.

"The Mindy Project" star said that she was happy to have her character Mindy's pregnancy during the last season as a sort of "dress rehearsal" in an interview with Us Weekly. She pointed out that one of the best parts about getting to play her character as a mom was that she saw that it was okay to have flaws.

Mindy's character Mindy in "The Mindy Project" had a baby boy named Leo with her fiancé Danny Castellano, played by Chris Messina. The final season of "The Mindy Project" premieres on September 12 on Hulu.

"The Office" alum said that while she was acting like she was pregnant on the show she was wearing fake maternity padding and didn't get why other actress complained about wearing it when she thought it was so comfortable.

What kind of mother will she be?

The mother-to-be was also asked what kind of a parent she thought she would be. Mindy responded that it was easy to "criticize parenting" when you are not one and then joked that she is looking forward to being able to "openly" criticize parents once she has her own kid.

Mindy Kaling's own mother passed away but she spoke about what an "incredibly fierce" woman she was.

She shared that her mom just wanted her to be happy and was so supportive of her throughout her life.

She said she hopes she can give her son or daughter the ability to have "open-mindedness."

The actress has decided to keep the identity of the father of her unborn baby a secret from the public.

Back in the fall of 2015, Mindy spoke about wanting to be a mother one day with Yahoo Style, saying that she wasn't actively trying to be a parent but if it happened she would be happy about it.

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