Meghan King Edmonds knows all about being criticized for her husband's behavior. When Meghan was trying to get pregnant with Aspen, she went through a crazy amount of feedback from fans, who thought her husband was being too absent. They said that he didn't care about her pregnancy and he came across as an unsupportive husband. Meghan kept telling "The Real Housewives of Orange County" viewers that he was indeed a very loving husband and he really was happy to be with her. King Edmonds did point out that he did play golf one time when she was at a doctors appointment, but she could forgive it.

Now, Meghan is ready to pass on the torch of the grumpy husband to someone else.

According to a new tweet, Meghan King Edmonds is now revealing that perhaps David Beador is taking the title as the grumpiest husband on the show. Of course, David was a bit upset that Shannon didn't support his training for the Spartan Race. Everyone thought that Shannon should just start working out with him, but she revealed that she had no interest in doing it. In addition, Beador also revealed that once David did a Spartan Race with Eddie Judge, he continues to train for them.

Predicting marital troubles?

Since Meghan King Edmonds has gone through several marital troubles in the media, she has no problem passing on the title of grumpy husband from Jimmy to David.

Of course, Beador revealed that her husband would often train and essentially neglect the family. She hinted that he didn't spend any time with her or the kids. Perhaps King Edmonds is predicting the end of their marriage.

Shannon Beador almost did leave her husband after learning that he had cheated on her.

He had cheated on her for months, but they decided to give it a second shot. While fans didn't forgive David for what he did, he has turned his life around and he is focusing on his health. It sounds like he's determined to make his relationship work.

Jimmy Edmonds doesn't like reality TV

Of course, the grumpy attitude could come from the fact that David doesn't like to be on a reality show.

Jimmy has revealed that he doesn't like to be filmed and one can imagine David is going through the same thing. It must be rough to have your life criticized that way. Perhaps the grumpy attitude is just a way to deflect the attention away from themselves and put up a wall for protection.

What do you think of Meghan King Edmonds' tweet about David taking over the grumpy husband title?