Meghan King Edmonds’ daughter Aspen is truly an adorable little baby girl. She has been through quite a bit in her short life, including traveling around the country with her parents, dealing with a very curious and friendly dog named Girly Girl, and even sporting a helmet because she had an uneven skull.

It sounds like Aspen is enjoying life with her mother and Meghan isn’t enjoying the phase where she’s starting to introduce solids to her daughter. Even though Meghan has revealed that this phase is gross -- because her daughter is spitting up the food after it's given to her -- Aspen is now figuring out who she needs to suck up to in order to get the solid foods that she wants.

Peanut butter wins every time

Yesterday, Meghan shared a video of Aspen eating broccoli. However while eating broccoli, Aspen also tried peanut butter. Rather than broccoli, Aspen clearly preferred more peanut butter, and when Meghan said no, Aspen asked for her “dada.” This was the first time she asked for her father.

It sounds like she knows that she needs to suck up to her father to get the food that she wants, and Meghan King Edmonds has already revealed that Aspen has her father wrapped around her little finger.

Meghan King Edmonds shared the video of her daughter saying “dada” for the first time on Instagram and it was truly an adorable video. It's hilarious to think that Aspen already may have already known how to say “dada” and was waiting for the right time to say it -- and the right time happened to be when she wanted peanut butter.

One can imagine that Meghan may be disappointed that Aspen didn’t ask for her mother when craving more peanut butter. It is adorable that she was asking for her father, however. Regardless of what Aspen decided to say, the baby is truly adorable and shows that Meghan is a great mother.

Aspen to be featured on 'RHOC'?

Fans will get to meet with Aspen next week when “The Real Housewives of Orange County” returns to Bravo.

Meghan King Edmonds contemplated not returning to the show, even though she had fun filming. She thought that the show was too dramatic and she wanted to protect her little daughter from the drama that was unfolding during filming last year. It sounds like Meghan decided to return to the show with Aspen and she may feel that she can keep the drama at a distance.

What do you think about Meghan King Edmonds’ daughter saying “dada” with the hope of getting more peanut butter? Are you looking forward to meeting Aspen on “The Real Housewives of Orange County” next week?