American Horror Story: Cult” is one of few top-rated TV series with compelling narratives, creative ingenuity, and sick-twisted plots. After six successful and psychologically disturbing seasons, “American Horror Story” comes with a new, and might I add, “clownish” theme for season 7. Before we got a glimpse of the official trailer, FX released strategic teasers made up of honeycomb brains infested with bees, bald-head—synchronized Clowns, and octagon shaped symbols. One could only wonder what these elements mean for “American Horror Story: Cult.”

"American Horror Story," pure cinematic euphoria.

“What's the thing that scares you the most?” That is the question we first hear in the opening of “AHS: Cult” official trailer. Airing in one week, what can “AHS” devotees expect with this seemingly political and clown-like twist? Donald Trump is officially President and the world turns to chaos. Clowns appear out of everywhere, phobias recur, and lives are at stake.

Staying consistent with the anthologies theme, creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk bring back fan favorites from earlier seasons. In the trailer of episode 1: “Election Night,” Sarah Paulson as Ally, enters the frame lamenting screams of horror, as she watches from her Michigan home, Donald Trump announced as President in 2016.

We learn early on from Dr. Rudy Vincent, played by Cheyenne Jackson, that Ally has acute coulrophobia, an abnormal repulsion of clowns. What about the election triggered her fear of clowns?

The Clown-Cult

At this point, I assume it is not premature to say that Evan Peters, the role of Kai, is the leader of the clown-cult. It will be interesting to watch the story unfold as Kai’s motives surface.

Is he leading a tyranny of the majority or a revolution? I look forward to seeing how these new recruits, Lena Dunham, Alison Pill and Billie Lourd, (just to name a few), add to the wayward dynamic of the show.

What's the connection?

It’s no surprise that the anthology of “AHS” attaches some historical truth to the chapters of each theme.

One thing is for certain, clowns, cults and Trumps' presidency seem to correlate in some way; so, what is the historical truth in this season that we will soon discover? Is the trailer misleading, trying to crush the preconceived notions that the audience concludes about this season, or is that the point? Point being that political propaganda misleads society, and causes a distracted uproar; a cult of supporters perhaps? Could we be on to something, who knows?

To say the least, prepare for a montage of cinematic episodes that are sure to set off a trigger of subconscious reflection and fear. Not to mention, it is ironic that the dramatic thriller “IT” premieres just three days after “American Horror Story: Cult.” Well, psychological-thriller lovers, buckle up and let’s get ready for the ride because it is about to get creepy.

“American Horror Story: Cult” Premieres September 05, 2017 on FX