Tori Roloff recently posted a picture on her Instagram page of her son Jackson that showed him with a rainbow on his head. This really confused everyone, but so far Tori isn't speaking out about it. The picture was just one of Jackson and he had a rainbow on his head. She put the words "Rainbow baby" on it. This ended up upsetting a lot of people.

What does everyone think of this post?

The term rainbow baby is meant for a baby that was born after a mother had a miscarriage. This made everyone think that Tori Roloff must have had a miscarriage before Jackson.

If she didn't, they think that she was just talking about the rainbow on his forehead, but that is really confusing if that is what is going on.

A lot of people feel like she was being disrespectful by using the term rainbow baby if she wasn't talking about a miscarriage. Some people don't even realize what this word means when it comes to miscarriage unless they have dealt with it on their own. One fan wrote saying, "Did she have a miscarriage prior to Jackson? If not, this is a sh-tty way to use the term 'Rainbow Baby.'" Fans wish that Tori Roloff would explain, but she isn't doing that so far.

How are Tori and Zach Roloff doing now?

Tori and Zach are actually doing great and just celebrated their two-year anniversary after having their little boy.

When Tori posted about the big day, she said something about that their "kids" will get to call Zach dad and she loves that. This made everyone wonder if she could be pregnant again already, but it seems a bit too soon for that to be the case.

Tori has made it obvious that she does want more children with Zach in the future.

There is no telling how many children they will have, but the fans can't wait to watch how they are doing on "Little People, Big World" and continue to get updates on them. Tori Roloff has been posting a ton of pictures of her son and the fans love seeing him. He is an LP, but he has also been growing a ton and she recently shared that he was going through a spurt.

It has been great getting to watch Jackson grow.

Do you think that Tori Roloff had a miscarriage before Jackson? Do you feel like this was just a misunderstanding because of the rainbow on Jackson's forehead? Sound off in the comments section below, and don't miss new episodes of "Little People, Big World" when they return to TLC with new episodes. The show will be coming back for more, but they haven't shared what date you can expect it to return.