This week on "The Young and the Restless," Victoria got her hand full when people learned that she and Benjamin Hochman spent the night together. Meanwhile, Cane and Victor will have a lot of problems. Read on for more details.

Victoria vs Jack and Phyllis

"The Young and Restless" will pick after Victoria's wild night with the hot businessman. The two previously met at a bar where they sparred about business and pleasure. As Ben talked about a possible venture for them, Victoria confidently asked him to go out together.

Victoria will have the biggest surprise of her life when she wakes up with Ben at her side!

According to She Knows, it might take place after Billy tried contacting her to no avail. Hillary will also tattle about their tryst to Jack.

Victoria and Billy will have a heated standoff about their previous sex partners. She might bring up his past with Phyllis too as per the script excerpts. Speaking of our deal Phyllis, she will become a huge player as she conspires a plan alongside Jack. The episode for Aug. 10, 2017, will also feature a new ally who will join his team.

What's next for Cane and Ashley

The Tuesday episode will also mark the mysterious return of Ashley.

Neil, who currently deals with Lily's Cane problem, might also add her to his growing list of adversaries.

Cane, on the other hand, gets grilled for using his kids' tuition funds to pacify a possible scandal that includes a pregnant Juliet. His wife Lily ended up kicking him out when she learned about his rash decision. Aside from getting evicted, his current boss also fired him from his work.

On Wednesday, Cane will make a huge decision to sacrifice himself and do good deeds instead. He will even give up something for the sake of his family.

Victor finds new enemies

"The Young and the Restless" spoilers will also include Victor in the mix.

He is set to make some progress regarding his plans for the Newman Ranch. These changes will cause some problems for the other family members. However, the others will prevent him from doing it.

Nick realized that his financial advisor has some shady connection with Victor. He will take it upon himself to fire the man personally.

Will Victoria know about Phyllis and Jack's plans? What will Cane do next? How can Victor deal with the issues from his other family members?

Are you excited for the new "The Young and the Restless" episodes? The longtime soap opera drama returns next week on CBS.