Ever since george clooney and amal clooney became proud parents, they have been keeping away from the media. The parents are enjoying parenthood and their privacy. However, fans of the handsome actor need not despair as he will be venturing out in public pretty soon. His upcoming film “Suburbicon” is ready for the premiere at the Venice Film Festival that commences today and Clooney will be making an appearance at the event, but it is not clear whether Amal would accompany him. The film will also be screened at the Toronto Film Festival, and fans can get to watch the crime comedy on Oct.

27 when it releases in theaters.

Clooney finds 'Suburbicon' topical in Trump-ruled America

The upcoming film of George Clooney is a crime-comedy that is set in the 1950s and tells the story of a community and how their lives change when a black family arrives in their neighborhood. “Suburbicon” sheds light on the dark underbelly of the seemingly peace-loving community. It revolves around themes of fear-mongering, and suburban paranoia that Clooney believes are at their peak in Trump-ruled America. Talking about the film, the 56-year-old actor said that he found it interesting to speak about the tendency of making scapegoats out of minorities and creating walls to keep them away.

He also emphasized that such behavior might seem acute at present, but it is not new.

It might be shocking, but one forgets that it has reared its face time and again. He believes that “Suburbicon” will raise some very significant questions and also stir the emotions of the people which it has managed to do. The actor revealed that he showed the film to his friend Norman Lear last week and he said that it was the angriest film he had ever seen.

Clooney all praise for wife Amal

While George Clooney might be looking forward to his film and taking a break from parenthood, he found it pretty daunting. However, he has only good things to say about Amal and her parenting skills. He feels that she is an Olympic athlete and is doing beautifully. As for himself, Parenthood terrified him as it made him responsible for other people and that too all of a sudden.

He helped his wife change diapers and walked around the babies, but he also made it known that he had never imagined that he would become a father at 56 years of age. Therefore, he has some advice for others. He says that one should not make plans as one always has just to enjoy the ride.