Following the tragedy which took 22 lives of the people in Manchester Arena, the English concert venue is set to reopen next month through a Benefit Concert. A report from Entertainment Tonight has confirmed that the place is set to open again on September 9 and its benefit show will set up a permanent memorial in honor of those victims who died in the deadly attack.

Benefit show

After the recent charity concert that was organized by Ariana Grande, "We are Manchester," a benefit concert will be held next month through the efforts and performances of Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds and other local performers of Manchester.

Further, other details about the incoming show will be announced very soon. It has been learned that all proceeds from the benefit concert will be given to the Manchester Memorial Fund.

Unforgotten events

According to James Allen, Manchester Arena general manager, he shared that the event which took place last May during Grande's concert will never be forgotten. However, such deadly attack will not stop the people of Manchester from coming together in order to enjoy the live music once again. Allen has also revealed that the said concert is also in line with the 20 years celebration which Manchester Arena has hosted several events for great musical talents.

Further, he also revealed that Manchester's legacy has to continue despite the ill-fated threat which took 22 lives four months ago.

Manchester charity fund

In line with the resilience that the people of Manchester have shown, it has been learned that the government of Manchester has also done their best in supporting the families who were affected by the deadly attack.

According to Entertainment Tonight, they will be receiving funds from the Manchester Memorial Fund this week.

To recall, Grande was reported to have raised an amount of $23 million during her charity show and all proceeds were given to the fund. In line with the efforts shown by the young singer, Grande was hailed as one of the most important persons in England.

Meanwhile, "We are Manchester" will be the second benefit concert which will be conducted in honor of the victims. Several performers are expected to grace the show. According to New York Daily, Poet Tony Walsh is also expected to make an appearance on September 9. To recall, he did say back then that he will be performing with his poem, "This is the Place" in honor of the families who were victims of Manchester deadly attack.