Josh Hartnett and Tamsin Egerton have celebrated the arrival of their second child, but the couple is yet to confirm the date when the baby was born. According to a report from the Daily Mail, the couple was spotted pushing a double stroller in London on Monday for the first time. Hartnett and Egerton seemed to have kept silent about the pregnancy journey; however, it looked like they were enjoying shopping in one of the spots in Hampstead, London. Egerton looked very radiant as she pushed the double stroller along the streets. The couple was also seen talking to each other happily during their sweet family day in London.

'Picture-perfect' family

When their photo started to surface online, their followers couldn't help but admire their type of family as they were close and cute with each other as they wandered down the popular high street of the city. Meanwhile, it can be recalled that Egerton was last seen in public back in June when she was already heavily carrying her growing bundle of joy in her womb. However, none of their fans had noticed that the star has already given birth to their second child. According to Daily Mail, they are still trying to reach out to the couple's representative to get further details about her second baby.

Apparently, Egerton displayed no signs of stress and fatigue as they walked along the streets of London and it should be noted that instead of tired, she looked radiant and glowing with health.

It seems that motherhood has made her even more beautiful

Low-profile day out

In their recent family photo, Hartnett could be seen dressed casually they strolled along the streets. He was spotted wearing his dark eyeglasses and a hat while carrying his wife's pink bag. The couple had their 18-month old daughter and their new born baby with them.

Although it was reported that the couple had welcomed their first baby back in 2015, Hartnett and Egerton have kept her name private.

Further, it is also believed that the couple will remain 'mum' over Egerton's second pregnancy. However, Egerton did come out to the public in February and confirmed to everyone that they were expecting the second baby.

Hartnett even gushed about becoming a parent last year. From the looks of them, it seems that the couple is now on their way to becoming great parents to their growing kids. Despite the fact that having a new born is somewhat tiring, Hartnett was very kind to share those family moments spent with his children.