New spoilers for "General Hospital" reveal that Dante will be pushing Sonny to give answers about the person who was behind what happened to him. However, it has been revealed that Sonny will not talk about it anymore and just keeps quiet. Meanwhile, both Dante and Nathan will not be buying his silence; instead, both of them will still confront him about the matter. Spoilers hinted that Sonny seems not to say a word as Jason has always been the most important person to him and he is not going to hurt him.

Jason's life in trouble

In the upcoming "General Hospital" episode, spoilers reveal that Jason will be hurting a lot this time as he has been worrying about his wife's health as it is getting worse.

Celebrity Dirty Laundry also shared that Jason's life is not going smoothly lately. Perhaps Sonny won't do anything that will make his situation worse so Dante and Nathan should not expect Sonny to reveal a word.

Many fans love Sonny's character, but it seems that Dante won't allow Sonny to go. New spoilers for "General Hospital" also hinted that Sonny and Dante might need to fix some issues before he chooses to say anything about Jason. Will these two get past these things and move on?

Maxie faces new mission

In the next episode of "General Hospital," spoilers reveal that Maxie will have a new mission with Spinelli. This Thursday, Maxie and Spinelli will join in a task that will cause Nathan a little bit of trouble.

Both are going to do their best to track down the real identity of a person named, Man Landers.

Further, Maxie will be shown asking Spinelli for help to find out who this advice columnist really is. In the city of Port Charles, Nathan will be featured catching Amy dealing out some things about Man Landers. However, he will be very surprised when Amy still wants him to be the face of her blog.

During the conversation, Nathan will be shocked about what Amy really wants. He might still reconsider her offer in order for him to get rid of Maxie, Soap Hub reported.

Meanwhile, other spoilers reveal that Obrecht will arrive at "General Hospital" and she will be telling everyone that it is Hayden Barnes who she deserves. However, as Elizabeth get to hear about it, she will backfire at her big time.

Finn will also be featured as it looks like he will get some help that he needs to try and track down Hayden through Curtis. You can find out the rest of the story on tonight's "General Hospital" episode.