Madison Parker, the ex-girlfriend of singer Aaron Carter who was with him when he got arrested under suspicion of driving under the influence, broke her silence more than a week after he claimed they broke up because she could not understand why he is bisexual. Carter claimed that he and Parker had a mutual decision to part ways since he revealed his sexuality.

Carter recently penned an open letter to his fans saying that he is attracted to both Men And Women.

Parker releases statement

According to E! News, Parker said in a statement to the publication that her split with Carter has nothing to do with him being bisexual.

She pointed out that they have been having problems in their relationship for some time now and the best thing for them to do was to separate.

Parker denied that the reason for their breakup had something to do with the singer’s revelation that he is bisexual. The photographer said that some of her closest friends and loved ones are part of the LGBTQ community. She said that the people she has close ties to who are part of the LGBTQ community are those she loves and supports wholeheartedly.

Parker then called out those who labeled her homophobic. She said their comments are both appalling and hurtful and that they “couldn’t be more off character.” She added that she has always been supportive of Carter regarding his career and now that he has come out, she is happy for him because he had the “courage to live his truth.” Parker concluded her statement by hoping that they can move on from this point on “as peacefully and respectfully” as they can.

Carter focusing on music after coming out

Carter revealed that he plans to focus on his music and take in all the positive comments and support he has since received from his fans. He also recently broke down crying on stage at a recent performance at a gay club after the overwhelming support from the crowd.

He revealed that he first felt he was attracted to both men and women when he was 13-years-old.

He did not give much thought to it but years later, after being with a male co-star, he knew he was bisexual.

Carter asked Chloe Grace Moretz out

After Carter revealed he is bisexual, he also took to Twitter to say that he wants to date Chloe Grace Moretz. In an interview with Moretz by Variety, she revealed that Carter was her childhood crush. Carter caught wind of her statements and said that they should go out for dinner as the “crush is mutual.”

Moretz did not yet comment on this nor did she respond to the singer’s tweet.