When Megan King Edmonds started filming this current season of "The Real Housewives of orange county," she had just given birth to her daughter Aspen. Aspen was just a few months old when the camera crew showed up at her door in Orange County to film the new season.

Of course, there was much drama to be discussed from the previous season but King Edmonds had no interest in exposing her daughter to screaming matches and fights. Instead, she decided that she wanted to host a sip-n-see, so her co-stars could meet her daughter without any drama.

Honest motives?

While Megan's motives may have been honest, it sounds like she may have had some high expectations when it comes to her co-stars. As she explains in her Bravo blog, there was a lot of tension in the air in regards to her co-star being in the same room for the first time since the reunion last year.

During this time, Vicki had made accusations about Shannon Beador's husband beating her, and she had spread the rumor that Tamra's husband was gay. Clearly, Vicki was not the most popular person in the room but all of the ladies were cordial for the sake of little Aspen.

"The tension was definitely THICK all day, and it was so awkward to see everyone on the couch together while I opened presents, but I’m happy that we got through the day with no drama.

Maybe Aspen should be at every event! Ha," Meghan explains in her Bravo blog.

Meghan may have been surprised that all of the ladies got along, but she was happy that they could all respect little Aspen as Meghan's friends could meet the little girl.

Inspiration behind Sip-N-See

According to her Bravo blog, Meghan King Edmonds decided on a sip-n-see for her daughter, as this was a southern tradition she had learned about when she was much younger.

She explains that she always looked forward to doing this for her own children one day. So when Aspen arrived and she had her chance, Meghan wasted no time in planning the party.

It sounds like her co-stars enjoyed meeting little Aspen, even though some of the ladies had already met her before. As Meghan explains, it was nice that Aspen wasn't exposed to any of the drama.

She jokes that perhaps she should bring her daughter with her to all future events to avoid explosive fights.

What do you think about Meghan King Edmonds sip-n-see party? Are you surprised that she is calling out her co-stars for the drama they have caused in the past, and yet thanking them for not causing any more trouble during her party?