After his stint as Clark Kent for 10 years in “Smallville,” Tom Welling is back as Lieutenant Marcus Pierce in Luciferseason 3. The 40-year-old star is now filming for the television show as his first photos on set are now revealed by Entertainment Weekly.

As he will be Detective Chloe Decker’s (Lauren German) new boss, the two have the chance to be closer together that might end up in a new relationship. Will he be Lucifer Morningstar’s (Tom Ellis) new rival in Decker’s love? In an interview with EW, the series’ executive producer Joe Henderson revealed the three’s relationship and their future in the coming new installment.

The start of Pierce and Decker’s relationship

Joe Henderson told EW that when Chloe Decker meets Marcus Pierce in "Lucifer" Season 3, she finds him as someone who irritates her mostly.

Lauren German’s role will see him as a “no-nonsense and calling-it-like-it-is” guy, who is not fond of social way of life.

In spite of that, he has succeeded in making Chloe Decker get closer to the side of the law because of his representation of truth and justice, and a lot of positive things. Basically, Marcus Pierce can be described as someone who is Lucifer’s total opposite, although they also have some similarities. “That duality is a big reason for them to start coming together,” Joe Henderson teased.

Welling’s take on playing Clark and Marcus

Tom Welling also talked about his character as Marcus Pierce in the coming “Lucifer” Season 3.

In the same interview with EW, the “Cheaper by the Dozen” star revealed that he would definitely won’t play Clarke Kent's character again.

Comparing Marcus Pierce and his pre-Superman role, he explained that Clark has no idea who he really is and what he can do with what he has and his abilities.

While on the other hand, Marcus knows what he is capable of, he knows what he wants to do and how he will do it. He also cleared that it is not because of his unwillingness to portray Clark again that he chose to play this new character.

Tom Welling explained that there are some reasons why he doesn't want to take the role of Clark again.

“But, I’d be lying if I was saying that I do not enjoy playing something very different for sure,” he said.

The show’s return

Meanwhile, “Lucifer” Season 3’s writers recently revealed the television show’s new episode titles on their Twitter page.

The first chapter is going to be called “They’re Back, Aren’t They?” Basically, this might reveal the comeback of the series’ characters for their premiere episode. The police procedural comedy-drama's return will be on Oct. 2 on Fox.