It looks like the wings fans saw at the back of Lucifer Morningstar in the previous season finale will feature a new theme in the coming “Lucifer” season 3. At the recent San Diego Comic-Con 2017, the show’s executive producers Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich along with the stars Tom Ellis and Tricia Helfer talked about the coming new chapter.

According to Syfy, the wings might have something to do with Lucifer’s real identity. Earlier reports revealed that Samael, the Lightbringer will be haunting the man who is responsible for his new image in the upcoming season.

A look back to the past chapter

To recall, in the show’s second season, Lucifer found out that his father, God, used Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German) to distract him.

The agitated Prince of Darkness didn’t like that he was manipulated or Chloe was being used against him and doing things against her will. Aside from his repeated problems with Chloe, he also had to handle his mother, Charlotte (Tricia Helfer), who continuously meddling with his business. She, too, was convincing him to leave everything behind and go back home. However, he then managed to send his mom into the Void, so she could start a new life for herself.

The previous chapter’s connection to the new installment

The new “Lucifer” Season 3 trailer revealed at San Diego Comic-Con 2017 gave fans a number of teasers of what they are about to see.

Charlotte will be seen back to her old self, but it looks like everyone has to deal with the new character Tricia Helfer is going to play. The cast also has to justify her involvement with Lucifer’s family and to Officer Dan (Kevin Alejandro). However, the 43-year-old star’s new role has to deal with the aftermath of what the Goddess of All Creation did when she almost killed Dr.

Linda (Rachael Harris).

Additionally, the newly added star Tom Welling is going to be seen in the return of the television series as Lieutenant Marcus Pierce. He is a good-looking guy who will get Chloe’s attention and might be Tom Ellis’ character’s new rival. Additionally, Ellis revealed that viewers are about to see where his relationship with Mazikeen (Lesley Ann-Brandt) stands.

"The challenge of the show is walking that fine line,” Joe Henderson told Syfy while talking about the show’s third season. He explained that they would like to remain grounded in making the television series, but will still reveal some surprises every now and then. “Surprise you with a sword that can light on fire, wings on the back,” he teased