Luann de Lesseps shocked everyone when she announced that she would be divorcing her husband, Thomas D'Agostino, after almost eight months of marriage. They had gotten married on New Year's Eve, which was also Tom's birthday, and Luann was stoked about this new event. But as it turns out, Thomas was not exactly the husband she had expected him to be, as he was more interested in keeping his bachelor lifestyle than staying loyal to his wife.

Despite rumors and accusations that he was still seeing women he had slept with prior to getting married, other people felt that he was still cheating on his wife and still sleeping around with various women.

De Lesseps denied these accusations, saying that he was a great guy and things were going well.

Planned the divorce?

On "The Real Housewives of New York" reunion special, Luann revealed that she had slept in a hotel room the night prior to filming the reunion special. This revelation just fueled the accusations that something was wrong within the marriage. It seems like Luann really wanted her marriage to work, even though Thomas did nothing to try and fix it. He didn't seem to care that she was being hassled with all of these rumors of infidelity and cheating.

When de Lesseps filed for divorce, she revealed the news on Twitter, and she asked for privacy during this time. But people were skeptical of the timing, as she had just filmed the reunion special three weeks prior.

According to a report, Bravo producers are a bit upset with her as she filed for divorce so shortly after filming the reunion.

The producers felt that she may have been holding off on the divorce so she could divorce him when the public was not really interested in the situation. Luann may also have chosen this time to avoid talking about his cheating on the "Real Housewives of New York" reunion.

Securing future roles on the show?

Many fans believed that the timing of the divorce announcement is not a coincidence. Not only does she not have to talk about the divorce on the reunion special, but there are also so many questions about his cheating that are unanswered. This means that producers can only ask her to come back for the next season to film the show.

If Luann had filmed the reunion special and answered all the questions, one has to wonder if her storyline would be exciting enough to share on the next season of the show.

When her co-stars learned of her divorce decision, many of them reached out to her to social media to express how sad they were that her marriage ended so quickly. Her friends knew that she really wanted to stay married for a long time and they knew that she was sad about how things ended. It is clear that she really wanted to try work things out with Tom, but he simply couldn't stop cheating, and she felt very disrespected. One has to wonder if she feels like he used her to get fame, even though his friends say he hated the fame and attention he got from the show.

What do you think about Luann de Lesseps’ decision to get divorced three weeks after the reunion special was filmed? Do you think he was really cheating the entire time and she knew or do you think she just wants a divorce, so she had a storyline for next season?