Javi Marroquin appears to be quite upset about the way things are playing out on "Teen Mom 2" these days. It sounds like he is learning things for the first time, as he now understands what led his ex-wife to file a PFA against him last year. A PFA is a protection from abuse order, which is similar to a restraining order as he can’t go near her or talk to her. When her pregnancy news leaked, it sounds like she was furious that Javi may have been behind the leak. Jenelle Evans was the one who told Kailyn that Marroquin had indeed been the one to link the pregnancy news to the public, as he was supposedly upset with her for getting pregnant just one month after the divorce papers have been signed by the judge.

Had moved on

Lowry was already dating someone new at the time and she consciously chose to get pregnant because she wanted to have a baby again. Her doctor had told her that if she wanted to have another baby, she needed to have it now because her health and her body may not be able to support another baby in the future. She chose to get pregnant with Chris Lopez and she's now taking care of this baby on her own.

On this week’s episode of "Teen Mom 2," Javi Marroquin is learning what Kailyn was saying behind his back and he is shocked and surprised that she's making all kinds of random accusations. He’s learning that she is claiming that he was cheating on her while serving overseas and she supposedly has the videos that show him having sex with someone else.

She also told viewers indirectly that Javi was a danger to her and the kids, and that she needed a protection.

He spoke out on Twitter after the shock had settled

While he was shocked to learn that she was the one who filed all of these documents for protection, he is upset to learn that she would do such a thing knowing that she could compromise his entire career with the Air Force.

He has worked hard to gain a great reputation in the Air Force and he feels like she could rip it away because of random allegations of him possibly being abusive.

On Twitter, Javi Marroquin expressed his frustrations, revealing that he was very upset with the way things had gone down and he was too upset to talk about these issues, as they are playing out on "Teen Mom 2." These issues are things that he was dealing with six months ago and one can imagine it is painful for him to relive this.

What do you think about Javi Marroquin's reaction to his ex-wife claiming that he is abusive? Do you think he chose to have sex with someone else while serving overseas?