Leah Messer married Corey Sims after they got pregnant at 16 with twin girls. At the time, Leah was more interested in making things work with her ex-boyfriend Robbie, rather than invest time and effort into her relationship with Corey.

It was only a one night stand Corey, and while she was excited at the thought of becoming a mother, her mind was clearly on Robbie rather than Corey. It didn't take long for her to realize that perhaps marrying Corey was the wrong decision, and she eventually revealed that she had cheated on him before them getting married.

Previous failed relationships

Despite efforts to forgive her, Corey eventually decided that the marriage was over and that they would be co-parenting their twin girls together. They are desperately trying to find love again, and it didn't take long for her to start a romance with a friend of hers. It didn't take too long for her to find love with a new man named Jeremy. Jeremy had been a friend for a while, and he was interested in making it work with Leah. It didn't take long before they had a daughter, Adalynn, and the two were now determined to make it work. For a while, it seems like things were going great for the couple.

Sadly, she was hit with depression and anxiety as she struggled to make it work for the couple.

Eventually, Jeremy decided that the marriage was not for him and he pulled the plug. Leah Messer now had two failed marriages behind her and was raising three kids as a single mother.

Starting over

One can imagine that Leah Messer has learned quite a bit in therapy about relationships. Her first marriage was out of priority for her two twin girls.

Her second marriage was indeed a genuine effort because she was truly in love with Jeremy. It was clear that she wanted to make it work for her entire family, but she couldn't force the relationship anymore.

After her marriage failed to Jeremy, Leah decided to get professional help, and she sought out rehabilitation for Depression And Anxiety.

Perhaps she learned a few things there about relationships and personal values because she is now revealing that she should give it all in her next relationship.b

Leah hasn't talked about whether she wants to start dating guys, as she may not want to share the journey on "Teen Mom 2." In addition to that, her focus has been on herself as she has enrolled in school and wanted to start over with her life. However, when Leah does find someone to start her life with, she wants to do it right.

On social media, Messer revealed that she is ready to give her all when she finally starts over in the dating department. She is ready to make the right decision in regards to her boyfriend, even if it means staying in the relationship and working together through the hard times.

"Remember this - the better you are, the better you attract. Do the work. Someone is already praying for someone like you. Be your best self and let the rest flow to you. LMR," Leah recently revealed on Twitter.

What do you think about Leah Messer's promise to herself? Do you think she can make it work with the new guy?