By 24, "Teen Mom" Leah Messer was a twice-divorced single mom of three kids, including twins and a special needs daughter. Recent pictures show Messer with scary-skinny weight loss. The kids have complained mom wont' feed them and fails to buy groceries. The "Teen Mom" has struggled with prescription drug addiction. Messer's ex Corey Simms accused her of doing drugs and other ex Jeremy Calvert actually filed for divorce while she was in rehab. So what's driving the young mother's weight loss--multiple relationship fails, drugs or is something else at the bottom of the mess Messer has made of her life?

Leah Messer messy divorces

Messer started Reality TV when she was "16 and Pregnant" and went on to star in "Teen Mom." By 24, the former cheerleader had two failed marriages under her belt. With high school baby daddy Corey Simms she co-parents twins Aliannah and Aleeah. At 4, Ali was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy. Simms was awarded custody of the twins after Leah was found to be somewhat neglectful and had issues with drugs and emotional problems. Simms and his new wife have both feared for Leah's ability to care for the kids. Messer married Jeremy Calvert but the two divorced when their daughter Adalynn was two. Calvert's already engaged again and says he's glad to have quit "Teen Mom 2" and Messer.

Leah Messer: drugs, food avoidance

The baby mama went to rehab in 2015 for what was ostensibly depression but show producers questioned a possible abuse of drugs.Leah had been accused of abusing prescription drugs before. She was clean on one episode but most drug tests don't find every kind of abusable medication. Then, Messer showed images of herself and she appeared abnormally underweight.

On an episode of "Teen Mom 2" she refused to feed her kids breakfast if it meant she had to get up early. The kids were complaining of other times she didn't feed them. While texting and driving, she blew off their complaints and said she didn't have time to buy groceries.

Leah Messer eating disorder?

On the surface, the drugs and food avoidance look like bad parenting.

The weight losslooks like depression from the divorces. But the four could be related on a deeper level to eating disorders like anorexia. Super thin women may have body image issues which drive and are driven by relationship issues. Not feeding her kids could be a way to get away from food and not have to deal with temptations. The drugs could be causing eating disorders by acting as appetite suppressants. And she may also use drugs to kill hunger pangs. It's a vicious cycle.