Joanna Gaines and her husband Chip Gaines are one of the most loving couples on HGTV. This couple from Waco, Texas are the stars of "Fixer Upper" and the premise of the show is to find homes for couples who are willing to invest in a renovation home. They then get a brand-new home at the end of the episode. While Chip is a hard working construction guy, Joanna is the designer and stager for the home.

They work well together and it sounds like Chip enjoys working with his wife and enjoys how well they get along. As it turns out, Chip and Joanna enjoy working together and they're constantly joking around on the set.

They seem like the perfect couple, as they have four children and are always smiling and happy. So when divorce rumors surfaced on the Internet about this couple, fans were surprised.

A home renovation divorce curse?

Perhaps a divorce rumor surfaced because of the recent split between "Flip or Flop" hosts Tarek and Christina el Moussa. They got divorced after he was diagnosed with cancer. All of a sudden, a real-life issue came into the world of renovation and they divorced.

So, how does Joanna Gains deal with the divorce rumor in relation to her husband Chip? As it turns out, she doesn't deal with it at all. She has ignored the rumors and instead focused on her business and fan base, as they have expectations.

Instead of commenting on her divorce rumors, Joanna decided instead to focus on new project, which is a book. As the divorce rumors stormed along in the media, she shared pictures of her taking photos and revealing that they have been working on this book for a long time. It sounds like it may be a coffee table book, perhaps even a book about interior design.

Creating a new book venture

"Day 1 of shooting images for my design book! I got so giddy when we captured the first few photos. We have been preparing for this book for so long and I'm excited to finally see it take shape. It will be a deep dive into all things home and design with lots of pretty details. I can't wait to share it with you!" Joanna revealed on Instagram in the middle of the divorce drama.

While Joanna stayed somewhat silent about the divorce matter, Chip decided to reveal that he would never divorce his wife, no matter what. It sounds like he is willing to work for it, no matter what it takes.

What do you think about Joanna Gaines' decision to ignore the rumors that she's facing a divorce? Are you surprised that they're making headlines about this matter?